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Do Boots really need to “review the sexist pricing of everyday products”?

A petition is currently underway to ask Boots to review their apparent sexist pricing and it’s gaining quite a momentum too. But is it as clear cut as they make out? The petition makes reference to just two examples – Boots disposable razors and Boots Botanics anti-ageing roll-on. If the entire argument is based on just two examples, you’d expect their cases to be pretty solid, wouldn’t you? Let’s take the Botanics roll-on as a starter. It’s £7.29 for...

Type C Charger 0

Official Google USB Type C Charger

With a lack of USB type C chargers on the market, and those that are of variable quality, buying direct from Google appears the best option. But it’s an expensive option too.

BT Openreach 0

Bye bye BT

With another BT broadband issue on-going and numerous problems over the last couple of years, it’s time to move on.

Ringke Fusion - case stack 0

Rearth Ringke Fusion Nexus 6P Case

Ringke has produced a hybrid case, of two type of plastic, offering both protection and good looks. With lots of features and a brilliant quality screen protector, this is an excellent choice for Nexus 6P owners.