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I loved the recent Marvel Studios logo, complete with Brian Tyler music (whom I’m a big fan of) but, already, Marvel have given it an overhaul – new logo and new music, this time by Doctor Strange composer Michael Giacchino. I like it.

Doctor Strange, btw, is excellent – saw it today. Make sure you stay until the end of the credits to not miss anything – a set-up for the next movie and also, well, a suggestion of involvement in another too.

The irony of getting this message when attempting to visit the WPScan Vulnerability Database site is not lost on me 😉


Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil Case

Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil Case is a book by James Ward, looking at every-day stationary and giving you the history of them as well as answering those long-needed questions – what does shatterproof actually mean and how many pens do Argos use?

Each chapter is divided into logical sections, the first one beginning with a story from the author that kick starts the whole thing. Normally, Ward will plunge feet first about a stationary item before then pulling back to give a fuller history. For example, one chapter may be about glues and adhesive tapes. So he might start talking about Pritt Stick, how we know it, make some jokes about it before then going back to kick off the history. This too then might then jump into the history of the company too. It’s all logically layered and works very well to keep your attention – I found it very hard to not read whole chapters at a time!

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Doctor Strange – Michael Giacchino’s Soundtrack

I’m a huge fan of the MCU music and, separately, of anything that Michael Giacchino produces (Star Trek, The Incredibles, to name some of the best) so for both to be combined, it should be something incredible. The score was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and, during the recording session, Paul McCartney heard one of Giacchino’s cues being recorded, which he likened to The Beatles song “I Am the Walrus”.

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Combating the Common Cold

The common cold – we get it 2-4 times a year on average and, although not something that kills us, can knock us sideways for a while. Yet, there’s no cure and what exists to help it, well, isn’t brilliant.

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