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SoundPEATS B20 Earphones

I’ve recently reviewed a number of cordless SoundPEATS headphones but today it’s a more traditional wired set.

The B20 earphones have a rather unusual style too. Behind the swappable rubber ear tips (you get 3 different sized pairs)  is a bright red metal section, finalised by a light wooden end. Whether it’s real wood or not I can’t tell but I’d suggest that you’ll either love or hate the rather unusual look. They are, however, quite long with both those metal and wood sections and stick out of the ear quite far – none-the-less, they were comfy and didn’t fall out.

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My Wedding Singer Diary – Part 3

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More scenes are now complete including, last night, one set in a shopping mall. Unbeknown to me I’m in that too, so chalk up another character for the show. Actually, no, two. I’m seen first of all shopping and then, later, in the dress shop trying to flog a bridal gown (so, I’m assuming they’re different characters). And if you want to see me dance with a mannequin then this is the time to do it!

But you know what this also means, don’t you? More costumes.

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Using Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant

Available for sometime in the USA, Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant has made its way to the UK for those people with Nexus devices.

In a nutshell, Wi-Fi Assistant, when switched on, will automatically connect you to approved public Wi-Fi hotspots whenever you’re in range. For security they have to be Google approved but, also, it runs everything through a VPN.

Chances are, even if you’ve not realised it, you have the option available to you. When 3 other people in the office (2 with a Nexus 6P and 1 with a Nexus 5X) all had it, a quick reboot of my phone added it to my own. After a while, if you don’t switch it on, you may get a pop-up about it but it’s easy to miss.

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SoundPEATS Q22 Bluetooth Headphones

The Q22s are the latest Bluetooth headphones from SoundPEATS. These, unlike some of the others I’ve reviewed, have a higher quality metal design and look very nice. But are they as good as the previous models, which I’ve been impressed with?

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After the announcement of the iPhone 7 there was a flurry of amusing Tweets about the new £160 “AirPod” cordless earphones and the fact that phone has got rid of the headphone socket. Here are my person favourites.

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Why you should buy a PlayStation Pro even if you don’t have a 4K TV

Most people think that the PS4 Pro is for those who have 4K TVs, even though it’s already been pointed out that few games are likely to run anywhere near this resolution natively. But, no, I’d argue that it’s the ideal upgrade from the standard PS4 for those with just a humble HD TV.

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SocialBookCo – Cheap and even free books!

SocialBookCo is a great site for book lovers, or even the casual reader – a simple to use search engine for books that will hunt down and display the cheapest place to get your next read. Genuinely, now I’m aware of it, I wouldn’t think of getting another book without using this first.

However, it’s not that aspect of their site that I’m posting about today because they also have a programme for Book Reviews. Yes, they’ll send you books, free of charge, for review.

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This is how M&S at Merry Hill tries to appeal to youngsters and totally and utterly fails.


Props to my daughter for the picture.

Huion H610 – 10 Inch Drawing Tablet

Huion is hardly a household name but is seriously rivalling other graphics tablet manufacturers, such as Wacom. Indeed, the H610 represents outstanding value-for-money – a 10 inch tablet for just £49.99. At that price you get an entry level Wacom, with a much smaller size and much lower specifications.

But has the Huion got what it takes to really compete?

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WordPress Plugin Versioning

For a while now I’ve been using my own, undocumented versioning system for my WordPress plugins [1]my original releases used a system that wasn’t even documented in my head and mainly consisted of me waving a damp finger in the air to determine wind direction. It’s actually quite similar to the WordPress versioning which is rare amongst plugins, as many use some complete off-the-wall solutions.

However, yesterday I was considering, as part of matching my plugins to the WordPress ecosystem, moving towards using the same solution. After some consideration, though, I’ve decided against it – the WordPress system is as it is because of how they release their code (“since new versions of WordPress are released so frequently we only have a need for major and minor releases”).

So, for the first time, here is my versioning system.

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1. my original releases used a system that wasn’t even documented in my head and mainly consisted of me waving a damp finger in the air to determine wind direction
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