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Jackery Titan S 20100mAh Power Bank

With battery life barely improving on smartphones (and, let’s be honest, the current interest in Pokemon Go) anything that can help is greatly appreciated. To this end, the power bank has come popular – essentially a portable battery which you can connect to your phone, to top it up when you’re away from the mains.

And the Jackery Titan S is a monster. Weighing around 435g and 15 x 2 x 8.1cm in size, this is not light or small in the hand, but then it is encased in a lovely, rounded aluminium surround. Adding to that weight is the 20100mAh of batteries inside. To put this into context, this can recharge my Nexus 6P nearly 6 times before it needs a recharge. That’s a lot of power.

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My Wedding Singer Diary – Part 2

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It’s been a number of weeks since my last show diary update and I’ve spend two of those on holiday, so there’s not a huge amount to update on (although, to be honest, that first diary entry, setting the scene of what’s happening, was always going to be the bigger one).

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I hate PPI adverts in my Twitter stream so this response to one made me laugh. It’s rude, yes, but still…

Alex Scovell on Twitter   Brilliant way to check if you had PPI.. https   t.co rpRGeVyJRg

There are few things that annoy me as much as corporate bullies. Look for another job.Member of a legal advice forum about my issues at work

Displaying an “Aged Post” message on posts before a particular date

There are lots of plugins available that will add a message box to the top of your posts if it’s above a certain age – e.g. 2 years old. However, I had a very specific requirement. After updating my site recently, I had to make changes to my posts to get them to fit with the new design. However, with over 1000 posts, it was going to be a long, long job to do them all. So I didn’t. I only did 2013 onwards. So, I wanted to display an appropriate message for any posts old than that – a set date rather than a moving time period.

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Netflix on my Fire TV Stick was fine yesterday but today refused to start without a UI-800-3 error.

Clicking on the option for additional information gave me an option to reset Netflix – the equivalent of clearing all the data in Android. You have to sign back in but that works a treat.

Reduced or Free Tech for UK Students

With my daughter heading off to University in the next of weeks, we’ve been looking at tech discounts that are available for students in the UK. And I’ve picked some of the best…

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Just went to have my watch repaired. Handed it over and was told to come back in 20 minutes. Erm, you have my watch?

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What I’d like to see in WordPress 4.7

Helen Hou-Sandi, the lead for WordPress 4.7, has posed an interesting question – what would we like to see in the next release of WordPress?

Initially, I echoed a number of other people with calls for two-factor authentication to be added (I use it for this site) but, after some thought, suggested something a bit more specific whilst, somehow, remaining a little vague. So, unable to get my thoughts out via a short comment, I thought I’d detail it a little more.

And, this time, I can give some very specific examples.

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xcrun error after MacOS Sierra Beta Installation

I’ve been running the beta of MacOS Sierra for a while now and, apart from the odd niggle (which I’ve obviously reported), all has been fine. That was until I went to use my Subversion client for the first time…

xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun

Now, the issue here is that the command line tools are either missing or broken. The same happened after El Capitan, so this appears to be a general issue and one that, sadly, Apple don’t seem to fix.

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