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Potential new features for PlayStation 4 revealed?

Sony regularly send surveys to targeted PlayStation users. One of their more recent asks for people to vote on a series of potential features and state how appealing they are. Now, the fact that they’re asking would suggest that Sony are, at least, considering them.

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How to get sent genuinly free products?

My original post, where I revealed the truth behind, has become one of the most read articles on my site and has garnered a huge amount of feedback. Lots of people are interested in the idea of receiving free products so I thought I’d write a little more what this company is doing – what their business model is – and how you can therefore spot the genuine from the dodgy.

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Sony Xperia Tablet Z

After returning my Nexus 7 when a fault developed I re-considered its replacement. The Nexus 7, don’t get me wrong, is excellent but I was wondering if the size was right. With a 5″...

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Look what I’ve got!

Driving home today and I noticed something at the top of my phone… it’s on 4G! I have a Nexus 5 with a cheap Three SIM. No settings changed, no extra paid for the...