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I genuinely love my Tsohost hosting but my antiquated cPanel hosting needs a 2015 makeover. So, over the coming hours/days I’m migrating (still at Tsohost, I hasten to add) to their Cloud platform. Goodness awaits and I’m looking forward to getting to know it further. Meantime, expect some downtime, which can’t be helped, as the sites are migrated.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z wet 0

Bearing in mind the Sony Xperia Tablet Z came out 2 years ago, I’m impressed that it’s just been upgraded to Lollipop. My wife’s Motorola Moto G still hasn’t, and that’s only from last year. So, congratulations where due to Sony for still maintaining past products.

iPad 0

iPad Apps for Primary School Children

Now I own an iPad Mini I set about looking for some education software for my 6 year old daughter to use – one of the reasons that prompted me to buy the iPad in the first place. front page thumbnail 0

Picking WordPress Plugins Back Up

After some time away from my plugins, I’ve returned back to them. Re-assigning them to myself and reviewing the support forums, I’ve brought myself up-to-date with any issues.

27th May 2

Kitchen Installation

After putting brief updates on Facebook about my kitchen installation, I got a LOT of interest from people. I therefore thought I’d transfer the details onto my site here, with additional information and, in particular, links to those people involved.