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SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Headphones

Today I’m reviewing a pair of the SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth headphones. SoundPEATS have a number of similar products on the market so what marks these out as different?

In black plastic, only a green centre to the eartips adds any colour. The cables are flat to reduce size and general bulk too. However, the USP for these are that both eartips are magnetic – allowing you to connect them together when not in use, allowing to hang securely around your neck. The magnets aren’t overly strong but enough to do as they’re intended. Different wireless earphones in the SoundPEATS range move the bulk (circuitry, etc) to different parts of the earphones – in this case it’s to the rear of the eartips but extending outwards rather than, say, back, as with some of the others.

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I have an excellent laptop bag from STM and it’s been  in daily use for over 2 years. However, recently, the shoulder padding on the strap tore. I contacted STM to see if there was any way I could get a replacement strap.

Their response was that they would be happy to send me one free of charge. Brilliant! I provided them with my address and then they responded to say…

My mistake, since you are located out of the continental U.S, there will be a shipping fee of $30 as our warranty does not cover shipping internationally.

And $30 is about how much it would cost for a replacement bag. No thanks.

The thing is here is that, desperate to provide good customer servicer, they agreed to do something without asking the relevant questions  – i.e. say they’ll provide me with a free strap before asking where I lived. That was THEIR mistake. Most companies, upon realising that would have just replaced it free. But no, and by doing that, they quickly turned satisfaction into dissatisfaction. Indeed, they didn’t even tell me if it was possible to buy a strap nearer to home – you know, where it doesn’t cost as much again to buy the bag.

Toshiba EXCERIA N301 SD Card

It’s genuinely amazing how much quicker and cheaper memory cards get over relatively short amounts of time. Today I have a UHS-I Class 10 SD card, with a claimed read speed of 48 MB/s, which is only a little over £15 for the 64GB capacity!

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"My ass, Manhattan"?

I’ve just received an email from the company RevenueHits. Now, up-front, I should add this was spam – I’ve never signed up to them and they’ve used an email address of mine that I’ve not used for many years.

However, what caught my eye was the appalling grammer…

RevenueHits miss you and created the contest for you and used the Summer-Olympics spirit to create a contest with huge prizes like the below


Click here to sign up I am here for any question!!

However, the icing on the cake is the address they list…

RevenueHits Ltd. · My ass · Manhattan, NY 00000 · USA


Spigen Ultra Hybrid Nexus 6P Case

When I first purchased my Nexus 6P, I bought myself a budget clear Orzly case, as a stop-gap until my preferred Google case was available. However, I’ve now had a chance to try a similar case, but this time from Spigen.

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CSS is my weak spot in web development, so I’m always happy to come across useful compilations of useful snippets – in this case CSS that allows you to do some pretty whizzy stuff, really easily.

Had an issue this morning with Android this morning that I’ve seen before. Thankfully, they make it really easy to report bugs, so I have (obviously, always search beforehand to make sure it’s not already known).

SoundPEATS QY8 Bluetooth Headphones

SoundPEATS have launched a number of Bluetooth headphones in recent months, and the QY8 are another set, this time sitting at the lower budget scale of the market. Costing less than £15 these still offer a lot of the high-end features that most costly models include.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division – Useful Content

I’ve not enjoyed a game as much since Battlefield 4 (and that was released in 2014!) and have been looking for content to go along with the game. Here’s what I’ve found so far but if there’s anything you can add then please let me know via the comments!

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New WordPress plugin released: Suppress Shortcodes

Twice in one day? Yep – I’m happy to say that Suppress Shortcodes is now available for download.

Suppress Shortcodes is a shortcode that suppresses others from being interpreted and output. Does that make sense? Let’s say you’re writing some documentation about WordPress and you want to mention a shortcode, but it’s a plugin you have installed – what happens when you display the post? The shortcode is not output but actioned. Sometimes it would be nice to do the opposite.

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