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YouTube Embed version 5 – what you need to know

I’m just testing version 5 of my YouTube Embed WordPress plugin. There are a couple of major changes, which are particularly noteworthy…

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Venom Games Storage Tower

It’s quite a surprise but there are few, simple storage products for Blu-rays. If you don’t want to start buying and assembling large wooden media storage structures or use a large wire tower then, well, this is pretty much your only option. There are others available but these also charge controllers, hold your console, and numerous other things – all at a higher price and with storage for less discs. Indeed, this only became available a few weeks ago.

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WordPress Plans

It’s no good, I’ve spent too long away from my WordPress plugins and need to spend more time on them. The last few months I’ve been revamping my site and, due to other circumstances, spending far too long having to re-visit as many of my 1000+ posts and editing them. However, I gave myself a deadline and that’s the end of this week. My post editing is done and any work this weekend will be final tweaks to the site itself.

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There are renewed calls for OpenReach to be split from BT which, I’ll admit, I totally agree with.

However, when Dido Harding, CEO of TalkTalk says…

The reason why I care about this is that my customers are fed up with the fact that the network doesn’t work well enough and they know that they’re not getting the service they deserve.

…it’s really hard not to choke on anything in your mouth at the time.

In a Which? report last year of the customer service provided by 100 biggest brands, TalkTalk came third from bottom. That’s not even just ISPs.

So, Dido Harding, when are your customers going to get the service they deserve?

How WordPress Transients Work

What is a transient?

A transient is a way of storing data in WordPress for temporary purposes – it’s often used for caching, for example. Transients can, optionally, be given an expiry timestamp, after which time they will be deleted.

How to use transients?

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A victory by Mr. Trump remains quite possible: Mrs. Clinton’s chance of losing is about the same probability that an N.B.A. player will miss a free throw.The New York Times

ieGeek USB OTG Multifunction Cable

The ieGeek OTG cable it a rather neat multi-function USB cable to allow to you connect your phone or tablet to a multitude of other devices for data transfer or charging (providing up to 2.4A of power). “On the Go” (OTG) functionality of many phones allows you to connect standard USB devices (keyboards, memory sticks, etc), assuming you have the right connecting cable.

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My daughter has finished college now and, later in the year, heads off to University to study comic-book art. As part of her final project she created a comic book. But it’s no ordinary comic as this one deals with depression, understanding, and being an adult – a style that I now understand is called “slice of life“.

You can help her out by downloading it from the link below – it costs just $1.50 and with that you get extra material along with a video. Get it before she’s the “next big thing” 😀 Honestly, you won’t be disappointed.

Buy Ghosting

ANNAAC GL-01 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

The ANNAAC GL-01 is a compact, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Encased in a lovely metal shell it certainly feels of good quality, with a weighty feel in the hand.

One end has a rubber cover, revealing a USB port for charging and an audio in (cables for both are provided). On top are a series of rubber buttons for power, play/pause, forward, back, etc. These often have multiple functions, such as the forward back buttons will operate volume and moving tracks. Some of the buttons are back-lit too to show power, Bluetooth pairing, etc. Like many other audio products I’ve come across this uses voice prompts as well to make it even easier to use.

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Ok, we get it, you don’t like Pokemon Go. Fine. Do like I do and ignore it. Jeez.

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