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Xenta Mini Videocamera D001

Selling itself as the “world’s smallest digital video recorderXenta Camcorder angled” the Xenta is indeed small, measuring just 55 x 18 x 21mm.

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Improving your DNS look-up

There are many elements to an internet connection, all of which can affect your network speed. Today I’m going to look at the DNS look-up and how you can improve it.

Squidgrip PS4 0

Squidgrip for PlayStation 4

Squidgrip, founded 4 years ago in the US, make a series of self-applied grips for console controllers. Initially producing them for the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers, they’ve recently announced versions for Xbox One and PS4.

OnePlus One 0

Why I’ve Given Up On The OnePlus One

The OnePlus One looks a fantastic phone – high specifications and a low price, both beating the Google Nexus 5. But I’m not going to buy one now, even though I was very, very interested.