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Over the next few days, some changes are afoot. I’ve therefore closed the comments for a short while and you can expect some outage of the site.

Apologies in advance.

9 Year Anniversary

In the last few days I’ve hit a milestone…


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LOPOO Remote Control LED Light String

It’s Christmas (well, nearly)! Time to be thinking of putting up the decorations and sorting out your yuletide tree. This year I’ve been trying out a string of LED lights, courtesy of LOPOO.

Traditional lights consist of thickish cables and large bulbs, whereas this consists of incredibly thin copper wires and minute LED lights. The wire is a bit more visible than the green cable you often get, but takes up less room, is a lot more flexible and, to be honest, adds its own nice touch to the look. The lights are low-powered (just 1 amp) so the electricity is sent along the bare copper wire (okay, no, the description does say the wire is insulated but, if is, it’s undetectable) – no, you can’t feel anything when it’s touched!

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Joining the shiny IoT future

Nobody could accuse me of being a technophobe but, when it comes to  connecting up my home, a homeplug for the PS4 was the pinnacle of my home network. But that’s now changing.

I’d already had plans but Black Friday may have advanced them somewhat. I’d intended to get an Amazon Alexa for myself for Christmas but the price cut last week prompted me to get it now. I got both an Echo and Dot and so far love it.

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Quite possibly my favourite question about the Amazon Echo


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