Sony VAIO VGF-CP1 Photo Frame

David Artiss

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  1. chauke says:

    Hi, I mislaid the CD ROM that came with the photo frame. where can I download the media software?anybody help please!

    • Steve says:

      I am also looking for the CD that came with the (white) UK version, because the US (black) version only works with VAIO media server. Anyone willing to post it? The frame itself is open source, but I’m not sure about the desktop software.

  2. megaseba says:

    I’m lost with Japanese translation :-(
    What about the english firmware??

    • David says:

      It looks like it will never happen – the frame is discontinued and the Japanese firmware has never been translated. A shame Sony are still happy to sell remaining stocks of the product and immediately give up support.

  3. aulas says:

    I own a cp1 bought in china, does anybody have the us firmware?

    • Dan says:

      Hey, Is there anybody that might have an English version
      of the firmware, even the original one ? Please help !!!

  4. Paul says:

    Fred, Whats the username and passsword for the japanese web config page, i can navigate to it, but i can’t find the freely available v2 manual

  5. Fred says:


    Some more quick impressions on the V2 firmware –

    1) Definitely more responsive;
    2) Web access to the frame itself for some configuration via a browser. Have had a chance to have a quick play now. Config options are

    .1) Configure shufoo, picasa, upto five samba shares. When credentials are entered here they cannot be seen via the photo frame’s configuration page;
    .2) Set hostname, view status page – i.e. mac address, ip address, firmware version, free memory;
    .3) Configure rss feeds – upto 20 can be specified;
    .4) Change username and password for access to frame itself. The default username and password are published in the freely available pdf instructions from Sony – check out page 91.

    3) Added a new photo to an existing Picasa album. It was not refreshed immediately while viewing that album the VGF-CP1. Going out then back into the album and the new picture was recognised
    4) Changed a photo in that same Picasa album. Change did not seem to be picked up
    after going out of then back into the album or after switching off then on the unit. This is a bit of a disappointment (again for my particular strange use case) but it seems there are some new options which I’ve not yet been able to figure out.

    Sorry for the piecemeal approach.

  6. Fred says:

    Hello again.

    I figured out the firmware update process. Embarrassingly I missed the instruction to place the update image in a folder called ‘Update’ on the usb stick (presumably it needs to be in the root of the usb stick, which is here I placed it anyway).

    First impressions for any curious people –

    1) Update applies without a hitch and thankfully the wifi settings are not lost;
    2) Essentially everything is in Japanese. Quite obvious but perhaps worth stating. This might be a rather crazy thing to do for those that cannot read Japanese (which includes me) but from the V2 manual the icons seemed to be the same so I figured it would be easy enough to navigate around;
    3) Generally much improved responsiveness – navigating around menus and frames feels much nicer, Opera loads in a couple of seconds as opposed to a while. A nice surprise;
    4) RSS feeds seem to update more often;
    5) Picasa and media server settings gone, not yet had a chance to see if pictures update more frequently (although I expect they do from the update notes).

  7. Fred says:


    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ve downloaded the firmware and followed the (translated at instructions as far as copying the firmware image to a usb stick, turning off the frame’s wifi via the physical switch on the back of the frame, then plugging in the usb stick. As I understand it, the firmware update should start automatically but nothing appears to happen. Any advice/guesses would be appreciated.

    • David says:

      I agree.

      I often find, as I did with my previous HP frame, that photos needs to be a little over-saturated to display nicely on the frame. However, those I upload online for the Sony frame, I often forget to modify. By the time I modify them, they’ve been cached and the changes aren’t reflected. The only option is to dig through the menus and clear out the whole cache each time.

  8. Fred says:

    Has anyone else noticed that this frame caches photos very aggressively? In particular mine seems not to update photos from a PC or Picasa more than once per day. I know this is entirely reasonable but I was hoping, for my admittedly strange use case, that it would update more frequently.

    I’m very keen on trying out the V2.0 firmware – has anyone tried with an English version (VGF-CP1E)?

  9. George Katsanevakis says:

    I tried it yesterday , as it had problem to take ip from dhcp I set manually static ip address from my subnet and the DNS servers from my provider and everything worked ok plus the SHOUTcast Radio. The only things missing are the copy MP3 from usb stick to internal memory (copy MP3 from DLNA server works) and international font (unicode) support. I can not read greek web pages, RSS feeds or set greek folders/filenames to files.

  10. Andy says:

    Bought this solely to send photos to grandparents via web. It does link to Picasa no problem. But then the problems really start. There are 4 “Frame” options you can use to display your photos. The first puts a huge clock on the pictures, in the top left of the screen, this cannot be turned off!! WTF Were sony thinking? The second has transitions, sort of zooming in or out of each photo, again it cannot be turned off, and very often never displays the full photo, so all you see is a body with head missing (In particular on portrait photos), The third option displays file information on the bottom of each photo (The Picasa account used and the time the file was uploaded) Again, this cannot be switched off. The fourth option is not available for photos stored on the web.

    So basically, this PHOTO FRAME cannot be used just display photos, without a load of extra crap being superimposed on top of them. I am so frustrated, how could this get through Sony QA process? Built by a bunch of techies with no idea about the real world I suspect.

    • David says:

      Andy – there is a button on the remote that will turn these off. And it will remember your settings too.

      Until I realised this I too thought I was stuck with a clock, etc, on the screen! 😉

  11. FoxyBOA says:

    Hi Guys!

    Did you try to update a firmware on English VGF-CP1? Was everything OK (e.g. English language is in place)?

    Hope for an answer.

  12. Mark says:

    Got my photoframe and VERY pleased with it. The quality vastly outclasses all the other frames I have seen.

    It does have a couple of quirks. It seems to fit pictures to the frame size when running from Wifi or SD card, but when it’s copied to the internal memory it does not. Anyone else confirm this?

    Also trying to find a firmware update for this device, or any kind of recognition by SonyEU that it even exists. It seems they have moved onto newer more exciting things, like kids with new toys.

  13. Mark says:

    Very tempted with one of these, Argos have a deal on a Vaio netbook half price, with one of the frames for free. Desperately tryng to find out if it’s DLNA certified. I want to hook it up to my twonkymedia NAS server (on my Sheevaplug). I also want to be able to push content to it.

  14. lifaung says:

    The SHOUTcast issue has been solved by a firmware update from sony in April 2009. The only problem is the update is in japaness only. Although the update could be use for English version, the photo frame will be in japaness language. Also, the update added many new functions such as the Windows Live FrameIt support, use a PC to setting your settings of the VGF-CP1(size of play back, RSS, etc), Zooming function during photo play back……

    Sorry for my poor English.

  1. November 9, 2010

    […] anybody try to upgrade firmware at English Sony VGF-CP1? I found Japanese version of the firmware 2.0, but not sure it will fit and my frame will have English […]

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