Daily Archive: November 16, 2011

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Children In Need 2011 – Tweets from a call centre!

This Friday is Children in Need night – an opportunity to donate and raise money for a very worthy cause. Last year I worked at one of the UK call centres taking donations. I’d not done it before (although I’d been wanting to do it for years) and had the late shift – until 2am! It was great fun and I took lots of donations. Sadly, it all seemed to be over too quickly so, this year, I’m doing a...

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Moving to low energy lighting at home

With the ever growing need to save energy and the slow phasing out of incandescent lighting, we find ourselves having to find alternative lighting. When I recently moved home I realised that the new house had a lot of lights – for example the kitchen had 6 45Watt down-lighters for the ceiling alone. That’s 270W every time you flick the light switch. So, the hunt was on to fit the new house with new lighting. I already had a number...

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Bandwidth Problems

So, I’m into day 11 of this month but my hosting bandwidth (which was only recently doubled) is now at 75% used. What’s going on? Thankfully, Memset provide cPanel and a host of data analysis tools. As you can see from this graph it’s rocketed since mid-October. I’d love to say it’s because visitors have gone up as much, but that’s not the case. Looking at the biggest bandwidth hogging files, it’s exactly as normal – in fact nothing in...