Installing CyanogenMod on a Lenovo IdeaPad A1

David Artiss

David is the owner and main author of this website. Working as an IT Professional for 25 years and programming for far longer, he is a self-confessed geek and gadget fan. Overweight, glasses wearing and having a deep interest in science fiction and comic book heroes, he doesn't avoid the stereotype.

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  1. Luis says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial, and huge thanks to the developers that made this possible!! you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Does the directions include rooting the A1 or is that a separate process?

  3. dav says:

    So what does this do the always on gps in the idea pad? still work with the update? think of buying and doing the same.

  4. ied9185 says:


    How do I know wich ramdisk version I have?

    I’m thinking about installing CM7 but I’m affraid of bricking it.


    • David Artiss says:

      This isn’t something I can advise on – you’ll need to follow the support links at the bottom of the article.

      However, I’d personally suggest you don’t worry. Follow the instructions and everything will be backed up in the case of a problem but the chances of failure is slim. If you do then need to do any kind of restoration then contact Graham and he’ll help you out.


  5. N-te says:

    I get an assertion fault when I try to install the most actual version of cm7 (07.05.12). It fails checking for “A1_07″. Can somebody recommand me an version working?

  6. loimlo says:

    Hi Artiss

    I’ve rooted A1 to CM7 0401 before. Now if I want to update to recent builds like 0510, do I have to go through “Step 3 – Installing the modified bootloader” ?

    Or I just have to follow the below steps you introduced, thus no need to fuss over additional modified bootloader procedure? Thanks!
    “CyanogenMod doesn’t update itself automatically. If you want to update……”

  7. thebryan says:

    only does the logo starts to load Cyanogen then again so many times
    never gets off the andoid

    I should do?

  8. m3rlin says:

    The link ( to nightly builds is broken

  9. wolfesystems says:

    The link is still down to download the CM7 Rom, is there an alternative, or is the project dead?

  10. Bhanushali Ashwin N says:

    Hi Atris,

    Very Helpful Guide.
    Fastboot protocol now working on my ideapad
    You saved my life.
    Thanks a lot.

  11. nike1973 says:

    Hola, disculpa le he instalado el bootloader modificado y cuando reinicie ya no prendio mi tablet esta completamente muerto y lo revivi con el sd boot y le instale una firmware original de lenovo pero no me reconoce la pantalla touch. Porfavor ayudame.

  12. nike1973 says:

    hello, I have friends vercion of “” I wanted to cmw 5.2.8 installed but I get error cm7 ::::: assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “a107″ || getprop(“”) == “a107″ || getprop(“ro.product.board”) == “a107″
    E:Error in /emmc/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.:::::::I have installed the 5.2.8 cmw

    , please help me. With greetings from Peru.

    • David Artiss says:

      I experienced the same problem myself. However, I don’t have my A1 with me to give specific instructions.

      However, whilst in the CWM menu there should be an option along the lines of “Toggle script asserts”. Go into that first and you should now be able to install the update.

      I noticed in a recent changelog for CM7 that they’d changed the model number in it – I think CWM is thinking that the installation software is for the wrong model.


  13. xyz says:

    The cm7 rom that after 2012.8.15 must use cwm
    see here

  14. Karl Morant (from Canada) says:

    Hey, does anybody know where to find the changelog the the CM 7 Ideapad A1 builds? I see new builds about once a week, but I don’t know what has changed, or even if it is worth while installing.


  15. lee says:

    I dig your handy walk through here!

    I have an ideapad but the model number is “a1_07″ or “a1-07″ in various places in the documentation. Is this the same tablet? d’ya think this should work for for me?



  16. hello to install fastboot reboot my a1 and stayed with the black screen and nothing comes out or if I connect to the pc I get a driver installed q q says OMAP360 and off can only help

  17. rogererens says:

    Have you also upgraded to cyanomodgen 9?

  18. chekote says:


    it looks like the link for the google update is broken.

  19. Vic says:

    Hi David, I’ve been trying desperately to install Clockworkmod on my A1 but to no avail. I renamed it just like you pointed out and put the zip on the internal sd card. When I get to the stock recovery screen it flashes quickly like if it’s going to go into Clockwork but it doesn’t. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Cheers!

  20. gost says:

    Hi! I want to ask you something.
    Can i use this “…” instead this “…” ?


  21. davaeba says:

    don’t waste your time

    install SlimDroid v 8.1 by twsk & dawkon13

  22. prithvi says:

    i have a purchase a levovo idea A2107A ,,it show dull sim,,but it had no app for calling opection,,how can i do active make this calling on this tablet,,just one issue ,,pls help me ,,or guide any link which i can add any OS ,or software for calling facaliety,,

  23. Isaac says:

    this just bricked my lenovoa1…. =(….. can u please help me how to unbrick it

    • David says:

      As I state in the article I can’t provide support – I’ve just provided the instructions. Please see the bottom of the article for details on how to get support – in particular the forum.

  24. Mike says:

    Hi David

    Trying to install this but both ClockworkMod and CyanogenMod7 links return:
    The file you requested was not found.

    Your advise please.

    Many thanks in advance

  25. vprot says:

    Thank you for your detailed guide; it saved me a lot of time when I had to flash my Lanovo A1 after several months/years, after my son managed to lock it by using repeatedly a wrong pattern in the lock screen!

    Even though some links are broken (after all these years), I managed to find the files and based on your clearly described steps I now have a fully working Lenovo A1 again!

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