and why you should avoid them

David Artiss

David is the owner and main author of this website. Working as an IT Professional for 25 years and programming for far longer, he is a self-confessed geek and gadget fan. Overweight, glasses wearing and having a deep interest in science fiction and comic book heroes, he doesn't avoid the stereotype.

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  1. Rammi Singh says:

    They are all bastards

  2. steve says:

    To be fair guys it is a scam but not as you see it. You do get a chance to get something which is what we wanted. But they pay for their services from all the cold calls and passing on details etc. That’s the way it is. Nothing is free in life. If you can with all the crap the. You could get something good. If you expect it to be easy and not get any hassle. Keep looking.

  3. Annon says:

    Product Testing has proven itself to be a scam. I registered with them in the hope of doing some reviews and had to supply personal information. But because I refused to accept anything on the survey pages that you have to do in order to be registered for the company review, I have not had any work at all put my way, and also Scottish Power keep on phoning my mobile, I have never given them my mobile number and I’m not a customer of theirs nor do I want to be. They are phoning me like four times a day and when I answer my phone they hang up.


  1. March 28, 2014

    […] My original post, where I revealed the truth behind, has become one of the most read articles on my site and has garnered a huge amount of feedback. What’s certainly true is that the only people with something positive to say are those who’ve actually received a product to review. I always knew that they would actually be giving out products – what is clear is the methods use to confuse people into thinking they’re guaranteed to get one in exchange for signing up to a lot of spam email. Spam email, it should be noted, that is difficult to stop. […]

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