Ford Focus – tips for a new owner


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  1. Ed says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for this post. I’ve just gone “Ahhh!” over the mono mode and the ambient lighting!


    • David says:

      I’m glad it’s been of use to at least one person! My personal Eureka moment was getting the keyless door unlocking to work :D

      • Mike says:

        Thanks for helpful ways of making the Focus work.

        I find the car locking via the door sensors doesn’t work well – on my previous model you left the car the car locked itself. Now with keyless licking you need to use the key or sensor as you suggest.

        The synch I find dissapointing. I call my wife Michelle via voice recognition and it dials an Amanda! Apart it might get me in to trouble at home any suggestions as to how to record your own voice for address book names like in previous versions of the car? As far as I can see you can download your phone book but synch doesn’t recognise my voice – any solutions out there ?

  2. jas says:

    hi David,
    really useful mate

  3. Brian says:

    Hi David.
    Really useful article but if you could spare the time would appreciate it if you would answer some elementary questions.
    Looking at the headlights there are three bulbs in each “cluster” (left and right). Can you tell me what they do? The inner light never seems to come on.
    The start/stop is frustrating. It worked perfectly at first (though not when the air-conditioning was working). It now doesn’t work at all.
    The automatic lights work ok when you have set the lighting control correctly but the automatic wipers do not.
    Would be very grateful for your comments, David

    • David says:


      I’m not expert, just an owner of a few months, but I can try my best to answer.

      The lights – no idea, tbh. Not looked at them close enough ;) However, I suspect the lights you refer to are turning lights – as you turn a corner you’ll notice that that direction is suddenly lit. I think it’s for that. A friend complained that one of my bulbs was out but I believe it was simply because one turning light was on and one wasn’t (as you’d expect to happen).

      Start/stop – head these problems initially. If your battery is charged well and you’re not putting too much strain on it when you stop then the start/stop should work. You also need to make sure you take your foot 100% off the clutch – even the slightest pressure can prevent it from working. After a good, long motorway drive, switch ac and lights off and try it. If it still doesn’t work, get it checked at a dealer.

      Automatic wipers – not had a problem. You can adjust their sensitivity on the “stick”. What problems are you having with them?


      • Brian says:

        Hi David,
        Thanks for your helpful reply. Will experiment with turning and see if they come on.
        Will also check your suggestions for start/stop.
        Never thought of the sensetivity adjustment for the wipers. Will try that as well.
        Thanks again for your great help

        • Mike says:

          Thanks for the article. My focus titanium x I’m finding it difficult to get the full beam on when needed . Pressing the left hand ‘arm’ in doesn’t stay in and one can only flash the full beam but not get it to stay on permanently . Any help appreciated

    • Ian Castle says:

      Hi Brian, the lights question, if your Focus is a Titanium X the lamps that are not coming on are for the corner illumination feature, if you are moving at a speed of less the 20mph as you turn left or right the approriate lamp will light, giving extra illumination on that side.

      • Brian OGorman says:

        Thanks, Ian. Re Lights.
        Yes we managed to figure it out ourselves, but thanks again.

      • David says:

        Cheers Ian – yes, that’s right. A friend of mine keeps swearing blind that I’ve got a headlight out but it’s actually the turning lights – he only ever sees my car as I’m pulling out of somewhere at an angle and one of the turning lights is off ;)

  4. Ian Castle says:

    Hi David, I too have the same model as you do, mine is a 62 plate and one of the first with Sync fitted. Your right the instructions are rubbish! Here is tip maybe you have not heard about. The Sync system is great when it works, but it is a bit buggy – well its Microsoft! I use an iPod in the car and every few weeks Sync get confused and won’t respond to voice commands for the device. Using Sync Reset feature in the menus is a waste of time, the only way to resolve the problem is power cycle To this end fuse F14 – 7.5 Amp is the one, it’s in the boot area passenger side. Did you know there are 3 fuse boards with over 100 fuses in that car!

    • David says:

      I use a USB device in my car containing lots of music for playing through the AUX socket. Without fail, EVERY TIME I start the car, after a couple of minutes delay I’ll get Sync telling me how I can’t use voice commands for it because there are too many tracks. It may then repeat itself a few seconds later. It drives me mad!

    • David says:

      Hopefully Ford UK will get its arse in gear and update our version of Sync – it’s much better in the US versions, but then they’re a number of upgrades ahead of us! For a start we can’t do Sync updates ourselves, we have to take it to a dealer (in the US they can).

  5. Brian B says:

    Hi David, had my Titanium X estate about a month now, 2012 model.
    couldn’t dial my wife’s phone until I discovered that it had the international +44 prefix, it dialled OK then. A lot of numbers in my phone book have +44, anyone else noticed this?
    Still can’t work out whether my auto headlights or wipers are working.
    Really useful website, thanks.
    Brian, North Somerset

  6. Mike says:

    I believe the Synch problems I’ve experienced re voice recognition are due to the synch software using an American voice?
    I’ve given up using the voice recognition as it’s poor, my dealer hasn’t been that helpful. Who at Ford can I complain to? What works ?

    • David says:

      No idea, to be honest Mike. Their Twitter account is very good – always very helpful – so you might want to start there.

      I don’t use voice recognition generally – phone, computer or in car. Never find it good enough.

  7. Val Bailey says:

    Hiya, all…we have just bought a 2014 model Titanium x and it’s driving us mad as to how to adjust the rear view mirror. There is nothing in the manual about adjustment and no visible buttons etc..Help please before hubby has a permanently stretched neck

  8. Paul says:

    With regards to your bonnet closing there are 2 rubber bump stops that the bonnet closes on each side of the lock. These simply screw in and out to adjust their height.

    If the bonnet is hard to close just screw them both in a half to 1 turn and see if that helps.

  9. gary says:

    had same problem with bonnet not closing, you need to drop it between one and two feet, it then closes with no problems, don’t try and push it closed, also was trying to lock doors with keyless entry by placing hand on handle, this is wrong just use your finger on black sensor press it twice for double de lock, bit annoying when you clean your car with your keys in your pocket doors keep locking then unlocking have to keep key away from car when doing this!

  10. John Waller says:

    I have a 2013 focus titainum eco. About 5 times over the year I have owned the car, after parking up for about 10 minutes waiting for my wife so the car is in more or less in the same place, it will not start. I press the power button the lights and everything comes on put the engine does not attempt to start. After a few minets and serval attempts later the car starts with no problems. I took it in for it’s first service and was told they have checked everything and nothing is wrong. Anyone else had this problem..

  11. Rhandomme says:

    Hi John. I’ve got an edition focus, I don’t have start & stop but it seems something related to battery, isn’t it? I hope you find the problem. I would take it to a mechanic again if the problem persists.

  12. Tony says:

    Anyone know how to set up the navigation system.

    The dealer put in my home address but I can’t figure out how to delete it or enter a new address to drive to.


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