Ford Focus – tips for a new owner

David Artiss

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  1. Peter Buck says:

    Hi David, I have a 2011 Cmax Titainium 1.6d new shape.
    Sony radio fitted, now locks on DAB wave band with “no reception” showing.
    I have to go through the menu, or use voice control to get the radio back to FM or AM,
    where it then works perfectly.
    So nothing on DAB waveband as locked!
    Any ideas please?
    Bestist Peter

    • Paul says:

      This appears to be a common problem and mine has done it a couple of times. There are a number of possible solutions:-
      1. Leave it a few days and it will magically reset itself
      2. Pressing the scan button sometimes works
      3. Go to fusebox under glovebox and pull any relevant fuses (i think there are 2 which look good).

      Number 3 worked for me.

      In some cases it really has had it and Ford have to get a recon radio which takes weeks and will cost a fortune if out of warranty.

  2. Diane Jarvis says:

    Hi just wondering if someone can help me with a problem I have with my Ford Focus Titanium X 62 plate? Used to connect my iphone via the USB function in the AUX mode and was able to play my music no problem but then all of a sudden the AUX mode seem to freeze and stop working. The AUX button used to allow me to select the USB , bluetooth or Line In function which I also used with a lead to play my Ipod. However I am unable to play my music from my phone or Ipod now as when I press the AUX button it will not let me select any function to play my music and it is as if it has frozen as nothing shows up on the screen! I am wondering if maybe this is a fuse? If someone could advise I would be really grateful.
    Also another small problem is that my car informed me that the battery on my key was running low so no more that two months ago I took it to a Ford dealer and had the battery replaced which worked fine but now to my dismay the car is telling me that the battery in my key is low again! Does anyone know how long a battery in a key should last for as I would have thought that it should last for more than two months??
    If anyone could advise I would be really grateful.
    Thank you

    • Paul says:

      Key battery usually lasts a year for me. I would suggest they have used an old battery so take it back. It is easy to do yourself.

      While you are there ask about your radio whilst you still have some warranty!

  3. David L says:

    Is it possible to display current speed on sat nav? This is very useful in controlled areas as speedo inaccurate. Car is June 14 model.

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