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1364192008INM701The Apotop SmartSuit is a rather ingenius method of getting additional storage for your Macbook (Pro 13″, Air 13″, Pro 15″ and Pro 15″ Retina).

In a pack (a simple cardboard pack with a plastic blister) you get 3 cards – in lime green, shocking pink and baby blue (my colour descriptions, not theirs!). Simple put a Micro SD card into the side (it works with standard, SDHC and SDXC versions of the card), up to 64GB, and then slot the SmartSuit into the card reader in your MacBook. Voila – instant storage.

The SmartSuit differs from a basic Micro SD converter because, rather than stick out by up 10 mm, this only sticks out by 1mm – this is enough for you to still be able to pull it out, if required, but small enough that it shouldn’t keep snagging when you put your laptop away.

I had a 32GB Micro SD card left over from my previous Smartphone so I put this in it and, fully compatible with Time Machine, I use this for backing up my system. It works brilliantly – it’s not particularly quick, so expect the first backup to take a while.


It needs no instructions, no drivers. The only thing I would say that at £14.99 it’s a little steep. The justification for including 3 is so that you can colour match, but I’d much rather be able to buy one and choose a colour.

The Apotop SmartSuit costs £14.99 from MyMemory.

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Apotop SmartSuit reviewed by David Artiss on 8th July 2013.

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