Does the PlayStation 4 have a Bluetooth problem?

David Artiss

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  1. Rogerio says:

    If you look closely, there is a split in the metallic plate where the wire is welded and the tip of it. this division was almost pressed against mine. I took a thin screwdriver and was just calibrating the distance of this division. was a bit tricky course, but it was great. Excuse my English, I am Brazilian and it is difficult to write English properly to a good understanding. very careful to close the console to not knead again. test well before it closes …

  2. ange says:

    I notice mine only lags when i plug in the p4c headset so i have to play tethered to the station if i want to talk and play. Im hardwired cause im next to the router and ive checked every signal in the house nothing is interfering! Has me very upset cause my warranty just ran out and i dont know if its a hardware problem or from reading poeople dealing with this that its a software problem. Its not my controllers as they are all new.

  3. Rogerio says:

    I solved the problem of my PS4 system. what I did?
    open the console and in front of the left side at the bottom of there is a metallic structure connected to motherboard by a thin wire. this structure is responsible for receiving and sending the blueetooth signals. just gave a calibrated in angle along the edge of it and the problem was solved. my Dualshock 4 works up through walls like the Dualshock 3. amazing how perfect works now.
    Do so at your own risk, as it will void the warranty of the PS4.

    Hugs to all …

    • David Artiss says:

      Sorry, what do you mean by “just gave a calibrated in angle along the edge of it”? I’m curious as to what you did to improve the signal.

    • Lars M says:

      Same problem, and same question as David (how do you do it) since I would like to try the same fix.
      I have 5 meters distance, 2 walls and my PS 4 in a rack. Pretty bad it doesn’t work :(

  4. Claude-Alain says:

    Exact same problem for me. The Playstation is in a rack, behind the wall. No problem with the PS3, lag with the PS4. So I no more have a PS4…

  5. Carlos says:

    I have my ps4 in media rack and having lag issues.

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