Author: David Artiss

Stephen Waddington and a number of PR Representatives 5

BlogCampUK 2012

On Saturday I attended BlogCampUK, a free workshop for bloggers. Organised by Tots100 it was, understandably, full of “mummy bloggers”. Indeed, of the 120 bloggers there, I suspect about 4 were men (when assembled...

ReTrak USB Laser Travel Mouse top view 0

ReTrak USB Laser Travel Mouse

ReTrak, popular in the US, are now selling their range of products in the UK at retailers such as PC World, Dixons and Amazon. You may have come across retractable cables before – often...

Wikipedia BytePac 0

Create an offline Wikipedia with BytePac

I recently reviewed the excellent BytePac, allowing you to store and access old hard drives via some simple cardboard packaging. Now, they’ve documented a simple method to download the entire contents of Wikipedia and...