Author: David

A fibre connection can vastly increase your broadband speed 0

Fibre Broadband Options

It’s a while until my O2 broadband contract expires but, none-the-less, after all the issues I’ve had with them I’ll be keen to move on. It’s therefore worthwhile keeping an eye on the state...

ReTrak Headphone Splitter 0

ReTrak Headphone Splitter Cable

ReTrak, popular in the US, are now selling their range of products in the UK at retailers such as PC World, Dixons and Amazon. You may have come across retractable cables before – often...

Bingo Card 1

Bingo sites join the social web

Well, it’s been a while coming. Bingo sites in the UK seem to rely on extravagant adverts on TV with big named stars but, unlike everyone else, appear to be missing what everyone else...


Transformers : Dark of the Moon

It’s been a while since I’ve written a film review, so I felt now was the time to resurrect that old tradition Most of the Transformers movies have been pretty naff – lots of...