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Is Poker and Bingo the Future of Android apps?

My earlier post about the future of gaming got me thinking. For over a year now I’ve been earnestly intending to start developing Android Apps. That requires me to learn Java as a starter – and then onto the Android specifics. Unfortunately, time has been my enemy and I haven’t really got anywhere with it. None-the-less, I keep my eye on the market to see if there’s an obvious “hole” where an app could be desperately needed. At the moment,...

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Site Changes

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been working on a revised version of the site. More than just a theme change, this has been a review at every site component. I’m now nearing the end of this work and will launch the new site design soon. However, I thought I’d take the opportunity to provide details of some of the things that have changed – bear in mind that I have a list of 70 changes that I made...

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What’s the future for gaming consoles?

With the recent announcement of both the and the consoles, I wonder if these may be the last of their type. Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful (dual core Android phones are starting to become the “norm” and quad cores are on their way too) and LG’s Optimus 3D is now bringing, ahead of the 3DS, a 3D glasses-free screen to phones. Powerful processors, 3D screens and games companies lining up to author for them – why will the...

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O2: Our Home Broadband prices are changing to… something

I’ve just received an email from O2, who provide my home broadband… Internet use has changed dramatically over the last few years and this is likely to continue. We need to increase our prices so we can still give you the level of service you’d expect from us. From 31 March 2011 Any discount or free period you already have – like a three months free offer – will stay unchanged. You don’t need to do anything, but if you’d...

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Personal Finances

As I prepare to meet with my IFA tonight, I like to use my computer to balance my personal finances. In particular, I use Microsoft Money – a product that, sadly, Microsoft stopped updating and selling some years ago. And it’s a shame because it’s a simple product that’s ideal for the home user. There are alternatives, but they’re aimed mainly at business. Personally, I balance my budgets by retaining receipts, adding them into Money and then downloading my statement...

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Oh.. blip

The site has been down this morning. For the first time (that I’m aware), I hit my bandwidth limit with Memset – thankfully, the limit resets tomorrow. For testing reasons I have had website compression turned off for a while which hasn’t helped, and the new site design that I’m working on will help with a smaller footprint. None-the-less, as this site gets more interest, that bandwidth is going to be an issue. So I emailed Memset and they got...

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WordPress Plugin Bug Tracking

For a while I’ve been wanting to improve the bug (and enhancements) tracking for my WordPress plugins. Right now I rely noting down my ideas and any suggestions that people have made and looking at that whenever I’m working on a plugin. Now, though, I’ve installed MantisBT – a free PHP based bug tracking system. I’ve installed it on domain, configured it up and I’m in the process of adding content – my Simple Social Bookmarks is the guinea pig....

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The problem with flashy valve caps

Last year, after a service at my local dealership, I noticed that a couple of the valve caps from my car were missing. Sadly, my local car parts shop didn’t have any replacements, so I took (as is often the case) to eBay. There I found some flashy hexagonal metal caps for only a couple of pounds. They weren’t chrome but still looked nice. Sadly, a winter of snow, wet, cold and lots of road salt has meant that they...

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Problems watching Blu-Ray movies on a PC

My shiny new Dell Zino HD has a Blu-Ray player and output. My monitor is an old (but good!) 17″ ViewSonic with a input, so I connect the two with an HDMI to DVI cable. All good. Or so I thought, until I tried to play my first Blu-Ray movie. The software – Cyberlink PowerDVD DX – would start playing the disk before stopping with the following… The error has been linked, by some users, as a potential issue with...

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CSI and David Artiss

My name is not unique but it is quite rare. Personally, I’m only aware of one other David Artiss. None-the-less, a few years ago it came as quite a surprise to me to hear my name being used in an episode of CSI (an episode titled ” – season 3, episode 13). Or was it – maybe it sounded like my name? However, an online script showed that it was, even down to the exact spelling. Now, I love CSI...


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