Author: David Artiss

Moyea FLV Editor Lite 0

Editing a Flash Video

I’ve had a recent need to edit a downloaded Flash video (.FLV extension). However, my usual editor of choice, PowerDirector, wouldn’t import a file in this format. And, it would appear, editing choices for Flash videos are few and far between. First of, I used the online video editor, JayCut. It imported and converted the video. However, it had two problems – first, if it’s a large video you have to preview it first before you can edit it. Second,...

White DS Lite Replacement Case 1

Replacing a Nintendo DS Case

I’ve recently become the proud owner of a Nintendo DS – it used to belong to my older daughter and has seen better days. In particular, the hinge was broken. It was also quite mucky (under the plastic, so not easily cleaned) and had various chips and scratches. Oh, and the battery compartment was missing. To have sent it away to Nintendo and had the hinge fixed would have cost at least £30, so I decided to investigate alternatives. And...

Commercial Breaks – the Death of Imagine 0

Commercial Breaks – the Death of Imagine

I came across this today. It’s a BBC programme from the 80’s which documents the computer game business. Of particular note is the death of – all recorded for posterity as the bailiffs turn up.

Dropbox hits version 1! 0

Dropbox hits version 1!

Dropbox 1.0.10 has been released – 10 months after the last release, 0.7.110, it’s finally past that important version 1! Dropbox, for the uninitiated, is an excellent online file synchronisation service. Simply install a program on your desktop and drag files to your Dropbox folder. It will then be synced with any other computer that has the same software installed, and is also accessible via their website. You get 2GB of storage for free and you can pay modest amounts...

HP Mini 210 Top View 0

HP Mini 210 Netbook

Last night I spent a few hours with my bosses nieces Netbook, as I’d been asked if I could cure it of a virus. It was an HP Mini 210 in “Sonoma Red”. The dark red paintwork is not only on the lid, but extends to underneath as well – and very nice it looks too. It runs Windows 7 Starter (which I hadn’t tried before – indeed, I’ve not tried Windows 7 on a Netbook at all) and has...

Sticky Comparison 0

Emulating Sticky Notes on Windows XP & Vista

Windows 7 comes with a very nice looking Sticky Notes application, although it is rather lacking in features. Personally, I prefer Stickies, although it looks a little outdated (and I can’t find a “skin” for it that is any better). Instead, I created my own variation simply by changing default options and style. First of all, you’ll need the Print font – this comes (as far as I can tell) with Office 2007, Office 2010, Windows Vista and Windows 7....

Using as a mouse 0


For over a year Apple owners have had the – a traditional mouse, but with a touch sensistive top for multitouch use, similiar to a laptop’s . It’s not without its disadvantages, and running it on a PC can be problematic. Thankfully, SPEEDLINK are soon to release their own PC equivalent – the CUE. It’s available in 4 colours – red, white, black and silver – and uses a tiny USB dongle for communication. It can be used like a...

Internet Explorer 9 0

Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive

Microsoft, always ready to introduce their own program naming, have introduced the concept of the “Platform Preview” for Internet Explorer 7, which you can download and try. Basically, it’s IE but without the ability to change the URL or move backwards through pages – they want you to try it out, but without thinking this is anything like the end product. It can installed alongside your current IE version, however. What it does do, though, is allow you to test...

HootSuite App Exchange Streams 0

Owl Aboard – HootSuite’s API Launched

This news hasn’t been publicly announced but will be later today at TWTRCON by HootSuite‘s CEO Ryan Holmes. The HootSuite App Exchange will launch December 15 and they’re inviting developers with an idea and resources to request access to the API to begin coding their ideas. To apply, simply fill out the form at: and the program coordinator will follow-up. If you have any questions or comments about the App Exchange program, then you can contact Hootsuite via their...

8 Things I Really Disliked about Tesco, Beeston 3

8 Things I Really Disliked about Tesco, Beeston

The big new Tesco in Beeston is now open. Lots of people were against it (including knocking down a popular pub and the “Beeston Lads Club” building) but they’ve done their best with a wood-clad building, with a rear car park to keep people off the main road. It’s apparently environmentally friendly too (although I haven’t found out how). Never-the-less, it’s large, imposing and right in the middle of the town centre. Now, I don’t live in Beeston and have...