Author: David Artiss

EaseUS Competition Winners 0

EaseUS Competition Winners

I happy to announce the following winners of the EaseUS competition, each of whom win a licence to an EaseUS software product… Irene Hunter Tracy Hanson Graham Snow Steve Western Diane Duggan Gwyneth Sharps...

iTech Stylus Pen 0

iTech Stylus Pen

This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge – can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop? First up in the 1 Pound Challenge is the iTech Stylus Pen, available at...

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Run Android Apps under Windows 7

At only an BlueStacks is a way to run Android Apps on Windows 7. Simply download their software and, once installed, an Android logo will appear on your desktop as a gadget. Click on...

Nikon D40 2

Me and my Nikon

If you’re a WordPress developer you may have come across John O’Nolan, who works on GUI elements for WordPress. However, he describes himself more fully as “a designer, entrepreneur, speaker, author, photographer”. Anyway, he...