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Beeb See Me 0

Beeb See Me

After yesterdays post about the iPlayer on the Wii, I was surprised to have a couple of BBC techie people commenting on it. I was, however, even more surprised to come in this morning and find that the same post had been referenced on the BBC website!1 I suspect they’ve not seen my update though, where I had constant problems with bandwidth problems and the resultant pausing of playback. Oh well, 15 minutes of minor fame… in case you’re wondering...

iPlayer on Wii - Channel Schedule 30

BBC iPlayer on Nintendo Wii

Last night, or rather at midnight, the BBC iPlayer channel was released for the Nintendo Wii. The iPlayer has been usable in the past using the Opera-powered browser channel, but has been of limited quality and, well, not very easy to use. Now we have a very specific channel just for iPlayer. And it’s been a long time coming – the BBC have been talking about it for a year and a half. However, I can only assume they’ve spent...

Improving Twitter Tools 2

Improving Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a rather excellent WordPress plugin that adds various Twitter functionality to a blog. The two elements I use are the automatic posting when a post is submitted and the ability to display your latest Twitter entry. It’s clever in that the latter won’t show the former – i.e. it won’t display on your blog any Twitter entry about how you’ve updated your blog. There’s also an option to prevent the plugin from display replies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t...

Vacuum Firefox for improved performance 0

Vacuum Firefox for improved performance

Since Firefox 3.0 bookmarks, history and most storage is kept in SQLite databases and, ass with any other database, SQLite databases become fragmented over time. But, since there are no managing processes checking and optimizing the database, these eventually result in a performance hit. So, a good way to improve startup and some other bookmarks and history related tasks is to defragment and trim unused space from these databases. Open the Error Console: Tools menu/Error Console In the Code text...

What are Adobe up to? 0

What are Adobe up to?

Sometime ago I reviewed Adobe Reader against Foxit. Many people often direct PC users to Foxit when they find older versions of Adobe to be slow and bloated. My conclusion was that Adobe Reader is a lot better now and it’s many benefits outway the little speed improvement you get with Foxit. You’d have thought Adobe would have been happy with this but, instead, argued with my comparison methods – even though they were generally favourable towards them. However, they...

Decoding a WordPress Post Title 0

Decoding a WordPress Post Title

By default, get_the_title and the_title will return the title of the current post. It’s stored in the database in plain text, however, when returned using the aforementioned functions if appears to be encoded. This means that characters such as ampersands and apostrophes will be converted to equivalents that are more HTML friendly. Unfortunately, passing, say, this title to Twitter, via the URL, causes problems. First you have to URL encode and the mixture of the HTML encoding and the URL...

HTC Hero 0

Which Android?

No, not the name of a new publication related to robots πŸ˜‰ Of course I’m referring to Google’s rather excellent mobile operating system. My current phone contract expires soon and I’m seriously interested in getting an Android handset. But which to have. I was excited by the Samsung Galaxy but reviews have generally not been as glowing as I’d hope for – issues such as a hidden1 marketplace icon and abysmal PC connection software have rather tainted it. On top...

Micro Men - Steve Furber on the very right 1

The truth behind Micro Men

I cut my teeth on 8 bit home micros back in the 80’s and was more than chuffed to be able to catch BBC’s Micro Men programme last night. Here is the official BBC description… Affectionately comic drama about the British home computer boom of the early 1980s. Legendary inventor Clive Sinclair battles it out with ex-employee Chris Curry, founder of Acorn Computers, for dominance in the fledgling market. The rivalry comes to a head when the BBC announce their...

Samsung NC10 – beware of cheaper versions! 0

Samsung NC10 – beware of cheaper versions!

The Samsung NC10 Netbook has received many positive reviews since it’s release and many believe it to the best Netbook on the market. A colleague of mine has recently purchased one at, what he thought, was a bargain price from Comet1. It turned out that the low price was due to it having a far inferior battery. Indeed, the reason why it often garners such good feedback is its 7.5 hour battery life. This one struggles to a couple. Some...

Improving Windows boot times 0

Improving Windows boot times

Lenovo has been “tweaking” its laptops and PCs in preparation for Windows 7, heavily improving startup and shutdown times. Some of the methods, however, can be easily transferred to any Windows system – in this post I’ll be concentrating on XP, but I’m sure many of these will work on other versions. So, here are some of the things that Lenovo did and what you can do that’s similar… Fixed the drivers of on-board hardware components that were cumulatively causing...


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