Author: David Artiss

Audio Cable - in box 0

ReTrak Car Stereo Audio Cable

ReTrak, popular in the US, are now selling their range of products in the UK at retailers such as PC World, Dixons and Amazon. You may have come across retractable cables before – often...

Creative Style M300 0

Creative ZEN Style M300

The Creative ZEN Style M300 is the latest MP3 player from Creative. Boasting a small size, budget price but some big features, it looks to be a promising option for those who don’t want...

ecologic 1 3

Roberts ecologic 1 radio

I’ve owned a number of radios over the years, but never one from Roberts. I’m aware of their reputation, however, for producing quality, but often pricey, radios. Anyway, I like a radio in the...

Bush TR2003 3

Bush Electronics

Anyone over a certain age will remember Bush – founded in 1932 as Bush Radio, and manufacturer of many of the most classic radios of the past, they branched into all sorts of home...