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Useful Kindle online services 0

Useful Kindle online services

Kindle Cloud Reader Kindle Cloud Reader is a web site that allows you to read, online, your Kindle eBook collection. Kindle Previewer I’ve mentioned lots of ways of converting various eBooks into a Kindle...

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Moving to low energy lighting at home

With the ever growing need to save energy and the slow phasing out of incandescent lighting, we find ourselves having to find alternative lighting. When I recently moved home I realised that the new...

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Bandwidth Problems

So, I’m into day 11 of this month but my hosting bandwidth (which was only recently doubled) is now at 75% used. What’s going on? Thankfully, Memset provide cPanel and a host of data...

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Managing your passwords – my recommendation

When it comes to computer passwords there are 3 things I’d always recommend… Give each site, or piece of software, a different password – never re-use! Make your passwords complex Never record them in...