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My new site avatar

You may have noticed that the site is gained a brand new favicon and matching avatar in the header – yes, that’s me in Manga form. It has been drawn (at great expensive to...

What is it with… PS3 downloads? 0

What is it with… PS3 downloads?

The PlayStation Store is working again today so I took the opportunity to buy and download the game Pain. Great game. However, I wait for the over 1GB of data to download, then for...

AV. A rant. 0

AV. A rant.

I wanted to have a good rant about the result of the AV vote last week, but somebody else beat me to it. And it’s so well put, I’m going to simple quote them…...

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Home Broadband Choices

With a potential house move looming, it’s a good time to assess my future broadband options. I have a choice between ADSL (and, maybe, fibre broadband in the near future), cable and mobile broadband....

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BT Infinity… but sadly not for me. Yet.

So, I’ve been waiting (impartiently) for my town to receive BT Infinity. This weekend I visited my sister-in-law’s only to find she’d had it for weeks and it was a free upgrade. I did...