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AV. A rant. 0

AV. A rant.

I wanted to have a good rant about the result of the AV vote last week, but somebody else beat me to it. And it’s so well put, I’m going to simple quote them…...

USB Dongle 0

Home Broadband Choices

With a potential house move looming, it’s a good time to assess my future broadband options. I have a choice between ADSL (and, maybe, fibre broadband in the near future), cable and mobile broadband....

BT Infinity 0

BT Infinity… but sadly not for me. Yet.

So, I’ve been waiting (impartiently) for my town to receive BT Infinity. This weekend I visited my sister-in-law’s only to find she’d had it for weeks and it was a free upgrade. I did...

PS3 Slim 1

PS3 on its way!

Yep, I’m late to the party but I’ve finally bought a PS3. It was my birthday at the weekend and I requested money or Amazon vouchers – these were then put towards the PS3...