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Acer Aspire One 0

Acer Aspire One

Well, I did it. I’ve made my mind up and purchased a Netbook. And as you can tell from the title, I plumped for an Acer Aspire One – Windows XP, 120GB hard drive, 1GB memory. It’s excellent and the battery and keyboard are better than I expected1. Only downsides found so far – no disks are provided, so there’s no way of restoring Windows  in the case of a drive failure, and there’s an annoying occasional flicker when using...

The view from my office window 0

Slippy slippy slip sliding

An apt description of my drive to work. Thankfully it was early and traffic was light. I took my time and drove carefully. The snow outside is a lot, lot worse than at the beginning of the week and it’s continuing to come down. Unfortunately, it was all let down by selfish drivers. On icy roads the last thing you want is for other drivers to not indicate properly, causing you to have to brake unnecessarily. Or to tail-gate you....

Choosing a Netbook 0

Choosing a Netbook

So, yes, I’m still in the market for a Netbook but I’ve changed my mind about have an SSD. Now, call me fussy but here is what I’m after… Windows XP An Atom processor At least 16 GB hard drive 1 GB memory A resolution of, at least, 1024×600 Small, but with a good keyboard As close to £200 as possible. £280+ is out of my range A good case for it – if it doesn’t come with a good...

Dell Mini 9 0

Dell Mini 9

Even after my recent problems trying to get a decent price out of Dell for one of these, I’m still interested in getting a Mini 9. Their £20 off offer has official ended so I was keen to see how they’re selling now. I read earlier today about the imminent release of the Mini 10, so I’m thinking that Dell is likely to be wanting to shift their stock of Mini 9’s and this was maybe my chance. Why go...

Fish Fingers 0

Fish Fingers

Growing up I loved fish finger sandwiches. Hmmm. In fact, if I was given a plate of fish fingers, chips and beans most of it would end up between slices of bread. After mentioning this last weekend my wife bought some fish fingers so that I could indulge once again. This was something I was looking forward to. Some fresh white bread and some Birds Eye fish fingers were assembled. The fish fingers can be grilled or oven cooked… odd,...

What is a Release Candidate? 0

What is a Release Candidate?

The latest version of IE8 is “release candidate 1″. But what exactly is a “release candidate”? I’ve been working as a professional IT developer for nearly 20 years and have only recently become aware of it. A quick Google shows Microsoft using it for Windows XP Service Pack 2, but I’m struggling to find anything before then. Wikipedia defines a Release Candidate as “a version with potential to be a final product, ready to release unless fatal bugs emerge.” This...

Speed up Windows XP 1

Speed up Windows XP

Pick up any PC magazine these days and you’ll find it includes an article about speeding up Windows. And because of the popularity of netbooks, they are more often referring to XP in preference to Vista. The only problem is that most of these articles get it wrong. The solution to a slow Windows is not to start switching off functionality. Most people are referring to these articles because their existing system has got slower and slower over time. Why...

More personal details go missing 0

More personal details go missing

A computer disk containing the details of 2,000 members of the British Council has been lost. But wait… it’s alright this time. A spokesman said… The data on the disk was compressed using a proprietary algorithm Compressed? Not encryped? Who uses a proprietary compression routine? Furthermore, it is not an ordinary CD-ROM or DVD, but an optical disk that can only be read by a particular type of reader with a specific version of specialist software. No, it probably is...

10 things that annoy me about other drivers 0

10 things that annoy me about other drivers

Again, not exhaustive, but my current pet peevs. Naturally, I don’t do any of these. Drivers who leave their rear fog lights on. Or have them on when there’s a bit of mist about. Those who drive about with their front fog lights on all the time along with their main headlights in some kind of macho “look how many lights I have” way. People who drive with their window down. On the motorway. Anyone who doesn’t understand the Highway...

5 things that annoy me at work 0

5 things that annoy me at work

Not the most definitive list – I’m sure it’s really a lot larger, but here are the first 5 that spring to mind… Women covering your mouth whilst laughing, as if in some kind of “oh, Mr Darcy” Jane Austen way. Stupidly loud, exaggerated sneezes. Shouting and/or clapping when somebody drops a plate. Joining in the clapping when somebody in the office, elsewhere, is leaving and is getting some applause from their colleagues. People who don’t understand what disabled parking...


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