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Moving Home 0

Moving Home

Last week I moved home, which inevitably meant that the site would be quiet. Little did I realise how quiet (see my following posts!). I have some tips for anybody moving…  Be specific when...

Todays BBC/Sky F1 news 3

Todays BBC/Sky F1 news

In a quick break from the tech for a moment, I just wanted to comment on today’s news about the UK TV rights to the Formula One. For those unaware, the BBC and Sky...

Are we paying more than we should (image courtesy of ) 0

Is Pogoplug ripping off UK consumers?

I’ve reviewed both Pogoplug hardware and software over the last year and have found both products to be excellent. However, after recently buying their Pogoplug Pro hardware myself, I am perturbed by their “rip...

Blackberry on Powermat 0

Powermat – great idea, shame about the range

Powermat is a company, and range of products, that allow you to charge your electrical gadgets via conductive charging – that’s the same technology that most electric toothbrushes use, where charge is sent to...