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DSx 0

Creative ZiiSound DSx

The ZiiSound DSx is a complimentary wireless sub-woofer for the excellent D5x speakers. With a width and height of 22cm, a depth of 29cm and a weight of over 4.6 kg it’s not overly...

Pound 1

The 1 Pound Challenge

The high street these days is full of pound shops (or 99p shops in some cases) and many of them sell computer and general “tech” accessories. But how good are these going to be...

Zenis Dock 2

Zenis DNA Dock for Samsung Galaxy S2

After the horror of the last dock that I bought for my Samsung I was reluctant to try another. However, after seeing a Zenis on a colleagues desk I was suitably impressed. So impressed...

ZiiSound D5x 0

Creative ZiiSound D5x

The ZiiSound D5x is an enhanced version of the D5, which I reviewed last year. At the time I praised its sound quality and looks. Well, with the D5x, none of that has changed...