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Acer Aspire One slow Wi-Fi 2

Acer Aspire One slow Wi-Fi

This will possibly be my last post about my Acer Aspire One as I’ve now passed this onto my wife and I have a sparkly new laptop (more on that in a later post)....

How to be a great website builder 0

How to be a great website builder

Making your own website takes time and effort, especially if you need your site to be user friendly, manageable and most importantly, look professional. With so many websites out there, trying to get yours...

USB Dongle 0

Home Broadband Choices

With a potential house move looming, it’s a good time to assess my future broadband options. I have a choice between ADSL (and, maybe, fibre broadband in the near future), cable and mobile broadband....

Hosting Sites Reviews Screenshot 1

Hosting Sites Reviews

Hosting Sites Reviews is a new site – it appears to have only been around for a matter of weeks – dedicated to, yes you guessed it, reviewing UK web hosting companies. There is...