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Managing your passwords – my recommendation

When it comes to computer passwords there are 3 things I’d always recommend… Give each site, or piece of software, a different password – never re-use! Make your passwords complex Never record them in...

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Run Android Apps under Windows 7

At only an BlueStacks is a way to run Android Apps on Windows 7. Simply download their software and, once installed, an Android logo will appear on your desktop as a gadget. Click on...

Firmware update for the Creative ZiiO 7 0

Firmware update for the Creative ZiiO 7

Hots on the heels of the 2.2 update to the ZiiO, Creative have released a firmware update with various improvements and bug fixes. Changes include… Adds support to enable you to display ZiiO tablet’s...

Making money from WordPress 0

Making money from WordPress

If you’ve come to this post thinking I’m sharing some amazing strategies on making money from WordPress, you’ll probably be disappointed. WordPress, and a result themes and plugins produced for it, are licensed under...