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Moyea FLV Editor Lite 0

Editing a Flash Video

I’ve had a recent need to edit a downloaded Flash video (.FLV extension). However, my usual editor of choice, PowerDirector, wouldn’t import a file in this format. And, it would appear, editing choices for...

White DS Lite Replacement Case 1

Replacing a Nintendo DS Case

I’ve recently become the proud owner of a Nintendo DS – it used to belong to my older daughter and has seen better days. In particular, the hinge was broken. It was also quite...

Sticky Comparison 0

Emulating Sticky Notes on Windows XP & Vista

Windows 7 comes with a very nice looking Sticky Notes application, although it is rather lacking in features. Personally, I prefer Stickies, although it looks a little outdated (and I can’t find a “skin”...


Uninstalling Ubuntu

If you’ve installed Ubuntu as a dual boot with Windows then removing it isn’t easy (which is a shame that they make installation so easy but make no effort in assisting with uninstalling). Removing...