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Microsoft Update – 0x8002802B Error

On a couple of my PCs now I’ve had a problem where Microsoft Update stopped working, reporting the error code 0x8002802B. Looking this up in the Microsoft knowledge base yielded no results, but a...


Speed up your internet with the Google Public DNS

Google have released details of a public, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service that they’ve created. Simply replace your default DNS server settings with their own and you could – potentially – see...

HTC Hero 0

Which Android?

No, not the name of a new publication related to robots Of course I’m referring to Google’s rather excellent mobile operating system. My current phone contract expires soon and I’m seriously interested in getting...


Samsung NC10 – beware of cheaper versions!

The Samsung NC10 Netbook has received many positive reviews since it’s release and many believe it to the best Netbook on the market. A colleague of mine has recently purchased one at, what he...

Easy Mode XP 0

Netbook Easy Mode

Many of the Linux powered Netbooks come with a simple “Easy Mode” front end – large, chunky icons, all categorised into tabbed menus for you to launch. However, their Windows XP equivalents usually boot...