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Recommended Android Apps – Update 0

Recommended Android Apps – Update

Two weeks ago I posted a list of recommended Android apps. Two weeks is a long time, though, and some of those recommendations have changed and I’ve stumbled across some more. So, here’s an...

Recommended Android Apps 0

Recommended Android Apps

I’ve had my HTC Hero now for over a month, and have already settled on a number of apps, after much installing, trialling and uninstalling. I therefore thought I’d share my results, all neatly...

Xmarks and star ratings! 0

Xmarks and star ratings!

The latest version of Xmarks for Firefox has added a new feature where, in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window, there are 5 stars, allowing you to easily rate websites...

More Useful Netbook Software 0

More Useful Netbook Software

My original list of Useful Netbook Software was rather popular so I’ve gathered together some more suggestions for getting the most out of your Netbook. I’ve seen many similar lists on other sites but...