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Firefox Extensions

Firefox is damn handy, I have to say, if only for the plethora of handy extensions (or add-ons as they prefer to call them these days). So, taking my web development cap off for a minute, here are details of the non-techy extensions I use. Bear in mind that I use Firefox 2. Bookmark Duplicate Detector If you have a lot of bookmarks (as I do) then ensuring you’re not duplicating them is a handy feature to have. British English...

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Thumbnail Views

Just had a problem with my PC that I knew I’d experienced before – a quick check on a discussion board I float around, and the answer was found. So here it is, before it happens again (it’s bound to)… Problem In Windows XP, displaying thumbnails, the filename is not shown. Solution If you enter a folder or switch to it’s thumbnail view whilst holding down shift then it hides the filenames. You just do the same again to reveal...

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Now I have a Black & Orange One!

Hot on the story about my new Windows theme (you know, that thing I never play about with)… there’s another. Royale Noir was all well and good, but it had a few, erm, rough edges, where it wasn’t 100% complete. Now Microsoft have – officially – launched a theme for their Zune music player. And it’s just like Royale Noir, but with a splash of added orange. And the bugs worked out. It can be downloaded here.

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Child Seats

New laws come into place from Monday with regard to child seats. In a nutshell, if your child is under 11 years old and less than 150cms, then they need a child seat of some kind. This is likely to cause problems, for example, when you go to pick up other children. The responsibility is the drivers so if someone has forgotten to supply a seat, you can be in trouble if you then drive them. But there IS one...

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Urg, dentists

Love them or loathe them, the dentist is there to fulfil an important role, and the health of your teeth is not something you should ignore. A few years ago I read some great advice from some actual dentist, that I thought I’d reproduce. First of all, anonymously but still with the authors permission, a little about how NHS and private dentists work: As a registered NHS patient you are entitled to treatment under the NHS fee scale. This means...

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Writing a CV

I’m reproducing below some useful hints that I received once from a discussion board. Writing a CV is a bit of fine art really and many people have their own views on what works and what doesn’t. Never-the-less most of the following makes general sense and I’ve followed the principles for my own CV (well, most of them). A CV fundamentally serves only one purpose and that is to get you to interview. It’s your version of your life and...