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Speed up your internet with the Google Public DNS

Google have released details of a public, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service that they’ve created. Simply replace your default DNS server settings with their own and you could – potentially – see...

HTC Hero 0

Which Android?

No, not the name of a new publication related to robots Of course I’m referring to Google’s rather excellent mobile operating system. My current phone contract expires soon and I’m seriously interested in getting...


Samsung NC10 – beware of cheaper versions!

The Samsung NC10 Netbook has received many positive reviews since it’s release and many believe it to the best Netbook on the market. A colleague of mine has recently purchased one at, what he...

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Netbook Easy Mode

Many of the Linux powered Netbooks come with a simple “Easy Mode” front end – large, chunky icons, all categorised into tabbed menus for you to launch. However, their Windows XP equivalents usually boot...