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Getting started with YouTube Embed for WordPress

For those with a self-hosted WordPress site, there’s no better way to embed videos than with the YouTube Embed plugin. Free to use with no adverts, it’s already had over 400,000 downloads.

And to make things even easier the people at Webucator have put together an excellent video showing you how to get started with it. front page thumbnail 0

Picking WordPress Plugins Back Up

After some time away from my plugins, I’ve returned back to them. Re-assigning them to myself and reviewing the support forums, I’ve brought myself up-to-date with any issues.

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Embedding Videos in WordPress

It’s been a number of years since I created my YouTube Embed WordPress plugin. It’s been extremely popular and I’ve learnt a huge amount from it but now my attention is now turning to the future.

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Using Transients

Transients are a great tool for the WordPress developer. They allow you to easily save temporary data with their own expiry time – simply pass the transients data into the easy-to-use API and it will sort everything out for you. Caching made simple. Unfortunately, using transients is not without its downsides and recent experiences have shown a couple of issues that any developer should be aware of. But first I need to explain how transients work. Transients were not introduced...