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N95 apps & mobile internet

Both yesterday and today I’ve been having a bit of a play with applications for the N95 as well as internet access via the phone. First all, it’s REALLY easy to convert a WordPress blog like this into a mobile application. The free WordPress Mobile plugin is rather good. It comes with a plug at the bottom for the author, plus 50% of any advertising revenue goes to them too – unless you pay a one-off fee of £25. As...

PHP Speedy 1

PHP Speedy

In my previous article I discussed various ways to improve website performance. I mentioned PHP Speedy, a script from Aciddrop. PHP Speedy has 3 main functions – “Minify” and GZIP your code and to add Far_future_expires to  JavaScript and CSS. Now, there’s not a lot of documentation on what exactly it does, just how to use it. However, PHP Speedy is based on a number of utilities that the author had been working on, so his blog comments on those...

Good lord, that was easy 0

Good lord, that was easy

Just updated WordPress to 2.3.2 (my first upgrade. Awww) and it… worked. Without a hitch. Been having a think about the BMTG site and was wondering if I could use something like WordPress to run it. Either WordPress or Joomla. Anybody any thoughts on this one? Or experience of CMS?