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How to suppress Skimlinks for some content in WordPress

Skimlinks is a great way to moneterise a blog. Once signed up and approved you simple need to add a line of JavaScript to your site and it will add moneterised links to your output. However, you may be adding sponsored posts or your own links and may not want Skimlinks to modify the entire, or portion of, the post. Simply open up your theme’s functions.php file and add the following lines… function skim_suppress( $paras = ”, $content = ”...

Automatically adding Simple Social Bookmarks plugin to your posts 25

Automatically adding Simple Social Bookmarks plugin to your posts

My Simple Social Bookmarks plugin is incredibly powerful. However, if you don’t have coding skills or access to your theme files then adding it is rather difficult. If you’re in this situation, then here’s the solution (in a future release of the plugin I’ll automate this)… Open up the functions.php file in your theme folder and add the following lines… // Add to Post function add_ssb_to_post( $content ) { // If a single post or page, add Social Bookmarks if (...

WordPress plugin review of 2011 6

WordPress plugin review of 2011

2011 has been a hectic year for me and my WordPress plugins. I’ve learnt an awful lot – especially thanks to the excellent book Professional WordPress Plugin Development. As a result I’ve been re-visiting a lot of my plugins and vastly improving their code quality and capabilities. I  also got rid of my first plugin – Organ Donor Register. Plugins that have been given a fresh lick of paint are (in no particular order)… Artiss PSN Status Artiss AdSense Insert Artiss...

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How to drive traffic to your blog with Artiss Draft List

I’ve just launched version 2 of my Artiss Draft List plugin for WordPress and if you’ve not tried it, it’s really worth a punt. In a nutshell, it lists on your blog any posts (and/or pages) that you have in draft. This can provide an ideal, and unique, way to promote posts before they are published. Output is in text so will be picked up by Google, adding SEO advantages (see below). But let’s get back to the plugin. Once...

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Bandwidth Problems

So, I’m into day 11 of this month but my hosting bandwidth (which was only recently doubled) is now at 75% used. What’s going on? Thankfully, Memset provide cPanel and a host of data analysis tools. As you can see from this graph it’s rocketed since mid-October. I’d love to say it’s because visitors have gone up as much, but that’s not the case. Looking at the biggest bandwidth hogging files, it’s exactly as normal – in fact nothing in...

How to use the Android 4 Roboto font on your website 1

How to use the Android 4 Roboto font on your website

This site previously used the font named Droid, which is the open source font used by Android. With last week’s introduction of Android 4, however, they’ve created the Roboto font – this has been designed for HD screens, so is perfect for websites. You can learn more about the Roboto font from a Google+ post by Matias Duarte, the Director of the Android User Experience. If you wish to use a non-standard font for your website then there are a...

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Copying to clipboard in WordPress

I was recently asked, as a commercial request, to create a WordPress plugin that would allow users to click a button and copy text the clipboard. It seemed an easy enough thing to do – 2 weeks later, though, and I’ve thrown in the towel. Using JavaScript to capture contents is the easy bit – adding it to the clipboard is a lot more difficult. IE has a JavaScript command built in, other browsers vary. Unfortunately, other browsers (e.g. Firefox)...

Making money from WordPress 0

Making money from WordPress

If you’ve come to this post thinking I’m sharing some amazing strategies on making money from WordPress, you’ll probably be disappointed. WordPress, and a result themes and plugins produced for it, are licensed under the . What this means is that although you can product commercials versions, people are free to use and copy your results. Additionally, WordPress doesn’t integrate well with, for example, commercial plugins as there is no place for them on their site and, hence, no automatic...

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded 0 Hosting

While I was moving  something else happened – this site’s bandwidth limit was reached and the site went down. As you can imagine, I didn’t even notice. My host is Memset who, I have to say, are superb. But you pay for that quality and I was already having to pay more than I was last year due to bandwidth increases (you pesky visitors keep coming here!). There’s only so much money you can throw at something though before you...

Using Google Analytics data to show popular posts 15

Using Google Analytics data to show popular posts

Google Analytics Dashboard is an excellent plugin for showing site analytics on your WordPress dashboard. However, it also has an open API built-in allowing anybody to access statistics from their own code. As a result I’ve created a new of small functions for my own site. To get these to work, ensure you have Google Analytics Dashboard installed, active and you’ve authenticated yourself using the OAuth method! The most useful is the one I use in the sidebar to display...


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