Product Reviews

If you wish me to review a product on the site then I’m more than happy to do so.

Due to resources I’m unable to return anything, however, a “gifted” product in no way guarantees a favourable review (and, indeed, a disclaimer will be added to the review). All products will be reviewed openly and honestly. If the product is going to receive a negative outcome I will contact you in advance of the publication of the review. Upon request I am also happy to provide you with access to the completed but unfinished article as well, for review.

Advertising, Guest & Sponsored Articles

I no longer accept these. Sorry. No-one wants to pay for these anymore unless I risk my SEO with “do follow” links, which I’m not prepared to accept. Learn more.

SEO Marketing

Please don’t contact me. I’m not interested. The same goes for any other sales pitch.

WordPress Plugins

If you’d like to contact me about any of my plugins then please use the form below to do so.

Sorry, I can’t offer support using this method – please direct that to the appropriate plugin forum on

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