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Recommended Android Apps – Update 0

Recommended Android Apps – Update

Two weeks ago I posted a list of recommended Android apps. Two weeks is a long time, though, and some of those recommendations have changed and I’ve stumbled across some more. So, here’s an update… Changes WikiMobile has been replaced with Quickpedia for viewing Wikipedia – overall, it’s a much better viewing experience. Advanced Task Manager and ASTRO have been replaced by ES Task Manager and ES File Explorer. There was nothing wrong with the original apps, but the two...

Recommended Android Apps 0

Recommended Android Apps

I’ve had my HTC Hero now for over a month, and have already settled on a number of apps, after much installing, trialling and uninstalling. I therefore thought I’d share my results, all neatly categorised. I haven’t linked to any of the apps, as they should all be searchable in the Android Marketplace. Oh, and I haven’t listed games (they’re a lot more of a personal choice, I find). Information The BBC news widget is particularly useful, providing easy access...