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Create an offline Wikipedia with BytePac

I recently reviewed the excellent BytePac, allowing you to store and access old hard drives via some simple cardboard packaging. Now, they’ve documented a simple method to download the entire contents of Wikipedia and add them to a BytePac connected drive. They’ve even provided a template that you can print to add a Wikipedia themed cover to your storage box. Is it worthwhile? That’s down to you. If you have a need for an offline version, then it’s a great...

Recommended Android Apps 0

Recommended Android Apps

I’ve had my HTC Hero now for over a month, and have already settled on a number of apps, after much installing, trialling and uninstalling. I therefore thought I’d share my results, all neatly categorised. I haven’t linked to any of the apps, as they should all be searchable in the Android Marketplace. Oh, and I haven’t listed games (they’re a lot more of a personal choice, I find). Information The BBC news widget is particularly useful, providing easy access...

40 Open Source Programs That You’ve Probably Not Heard Of 0

40 Open Source Programs That You’ve Probably Not Heard Of

After a recent post on a forum, extolling the virtues of a number of  free Open Source program, I made mention that they were always the same problems being mentioned – OpenOffice, ClamWin, Audacity, etc. SourceForge alone holds over 150,000 Open Source projects, let alone those at Google Code, etc. So, I was set a challenge – find some Open Source software that most people won’t have come across. Ok, that was the plan. Now, the limitations (self set). Nothing...