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Viva Mexico Stage Manager – 4th & 5th Night 0

Viva Mexico Stage Manager – 4th & 5th Night

Ok, ok, I forgot to Blog the last couple of nights. It’s all been quite hectic. Thursday night went, as the graph predicted, reasonably well. Last night went brilliant. Except for the stage curtain...

You’ve been YouTube’d 0

You’ve been YouTube’d

Oh dear, I’ve discovered YouTube. And how to imbed videos in Blogs. That does mean the “famous” Bungee video is now in the Magalluf blog. Oh, and the equally famous Shooting Stars skit has...

Blog gone 0

Blog gone

No Blog yesterday and not much today. Too tired and too stressed. I did write one just now, having a moan at stupid Flash websites and, visiting the Flash home page for research, it...

I Hate Cars! 0

I Hate Cars!

Went to the car park after work…. the car was dead. Bum. Rocked the car in gear and it started. Hurrah. Now I’ve got to get it booked in at the dealer at (probable)...