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Creative EP-830 Packaging 0

Creative EP-830 Headphones

The Creative EP-830 is a mid-range price set of in-ear headphones. I’ve previously reviewed their Aurvana In-Ear2 which is at the high end so this will provide a useful comparison. Unfortunately, between both reviews...

DSx 0

Creative ZiiSound DSx

The ZiiSound DSx is a complimentary wireless sub-woofer for the excellent D5x speakers. With a width and height of 22cm, a depth of 29cm and a weight of over 4.6 kg it’s not overly...

Firmware update for the Creative ZiiO 7 0

Firmware update for the Creative ZiiO 7

Hots on the heels of the 2.2 update to the ZiiO, Creative have released a firmware update with various improvements and bug fixes. Changes include… Adds support to enable you to display ZiiO tablet’s...

ZiiSound D5x 0

Creative ZiiSound D5x

The ZiiSound D5x is an enhanced version of the D5, which I reviewed last year. At the time I praised its sound quality and looks. Well, with the D5x, none of that has changed...