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iPlayer on Wii - Channel Schedule 30

BBC iPlayer on Nintendo Wii

Last night, or rather at midnight, the BBC iPlayer channel was released for the Nintendo Wii. The iPlayer has been usable in the past using the Opera-powered browser channel, but has been of limited quality and, well, not very easy to use. Now we have a very specific channel just for iPlayer. And it’s been a long time coming – the BBC have been talking about it for a year and a half. However, I can only assume they’ve spent...

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The new Doctor

So, Matt Smith will be the next Doctor Who. What do I think? I’ve been quite a fan of Doctor Who mainly since David Tennant came into the role – he has truly been superb. But his reign is coming to an end and so a replacement is needed. But I don’t know Matt Smith. Just from a short interview on the BBC last night, it’s not enough to form any kind of opinion on what he will be like...