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My shiny new phone

Today my new phone turned up. My provider rang me yesterday asking if I wanted to end my current contract early, and they’d send me a new phone. Well, offers like that I can’t refuse. Especially when they provide me with free internet access on it too. So, I’ve moved from a Sony Ericsson K800i to the Nokia N95 8Gb, replete with Wi-fi connection and 5mp phone. Hmmm. Now, if you get one of these, I’d recommend heading to play.com...

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Services for Charities & Non-profits

As a non-profit and charity, I’m often on the look out for tools and services that I can use for the BMTG website. However, apart from various sites offering to create free websites, there seems little in the way of help for such groups. However, there are two sites/companies that I’d like to recommend… Memset They host the BMTG website for free. All you pay for is your domain name, which you can buy elsewhere and point to their nameservers....

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at improving the eCommerce facilities on the BMTG website. Up until now I’ve handled the handled the ticket availability via a combination of PHP and MySQL. The shopping basket and checkout has then been handled by PayPal. To add some more flexibility, though, I’ve been taking over the shopping basket. The coding was a little complicated but it’s done. I can now track multiple tickets in a basket, with options to change...

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Make XP look more like Vista

Here’s something that get Matt Fry salivating… my definitive guide to making Windows XP look cool. Or like Vista (depending how you see it). And it’s all free. Here are my recommendations for what you need to download… Zune theme I mentioned in a previous post – it’s a black and orange colour theme for Windows. Vista cursor Read the supplied read me file for installation instructions. Vista Wallpapers Lots of official and un-official Vista wallpapers. I use WallMaster to...

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Site Search

It was time to revisit the site search facility on the BMTG site. Powered by Atomz, which has now become WebSideStory (awful pun name), the templates used to make it look like part of the site weren’t quite matching. So imagine my surprise to find I couldn’t change them… it looks like WebSideStory are trying to push past Atomz owners over to their own paid-for service, which means limiting options to viewing and resetting stats. So off I went to...

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Well I’m shocked!

There I was replying to an email about genealogy via my trusty Gmail account, when I noticed the Google ads at the side. The first two I can understand… but the third?? The words Debbie and Dallas never came into the email. Any response Google? πŸ˜‰ As you can probably guess from the publish time of this post I’m struggling to sleep. It’s 1:50am and I’m not the slightest bit tired. In 4.5 hours my alarm goes off for work....

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Valid YouTube Embedding

I use embedded YouTube, not only in this Blog, but on other sites as well. Recently this has been coming back to bite me as the code that YouTube supply for embedding is not, erm, valid. Or rather it doesn’t validate according to W3C rules. Which means my sites have started falling foul of various on-line checkers which once were happy to say I had good sites. Anyway, a touch of Googling and I found my answer – a piece...

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Gimme a Cookie

As the geek I am, I often hang around various technical forums. Usually those inhabited by your average Joe, seeking help, than the real tech-heads. Anyway, I’m often amazed at those people, at the point of paranoia, desperately trying to get rid of cookies from their browsing, as if they’re incredibly unsafe and causing major problems with their computers. One I read recently, was how, after logging out a site, when they return it still shows their username, and asks...


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