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Windows 7 and “No such interface supported” error

So, I connect my brand new monitor (details to follow) and attempt to look at the display settings in Windows (I’m running Windows 7 64-bit to be more precise). Except all I get is a pop-up boxed titled “explorer.exe” which states “No such interface supported”. I’d also noticed that links in the Control Panel were often not working as well. A Google of this error talked about repairing Internet Explorer 7 using the Windows installation disk (I don’t have one...

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Die IE6, die

Microsoft doesn’t want Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to die and, indeed, they’ve announced that they will continue to support it until 2014. IE6 was launched in 2001 yet remains popular. Most of these users, I suspect, are businesses – we use it at my place of work. Except, there’s a growing back lash against the use of this version of the browser. So, what’s wrong with it? Well, security for a start, which has moved on a lot since 2001....

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Internet Monitoring

When you have young children it’s important to monitor their online activity. As my daughter has got older, however, I have reduced the amount of such monitoring I do, giving her more privacy. At first I used CyberPatrol, which is a paid-for product that will do everything from barring particular websites to time restricting program and internet usage. In time I moved to the free Windows Live Family Safety – this would monitor and restrict internet usage. I also had...

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Browser Sizes

Now, without going into the wrongs and rights of it all, most of my websites follow a familiar theme of being a set width. This blog, even though it’s WordPress, is, as is BMTG and Copy+. This width is designed to fit on the width of what I deem to be the smallest screen that a reasonable number of people are using (on PC’s – not going into mobile phone handsets and the such). That size, in my belief, is...

So, how it Chrome doing? 2

So, how it Chrome doing?

I thought I’d check out my site stats to see how Google Chrome is doing (now that I know Google Analytics can track it separately) since it was launched on the 2nd. The least techy of my sites is BMTG, which garners just 1.67% of users from Chrome. Next up, Copy+ is 3.55%. This site is 5.66%. Not fantastic, but not too shoddy. Other things that came out in this that Firefox is the most popular browser for this site...

Two things 0

Two things

I’ve learnt two things today. First of all, it’s possible to crash IE 6 via a single line of code… <style>*{position:relative}</style><table><input></table> It doesn’t crash Firefox, Opera, etc. For whatever reason, it causes a fatal error in mshtml.dll. The second thing I’ve learnt today, thanks to a throw-away line in a magazine, is that you can email a Wii console. The Email address is wxxx@wii.com, where xxx is their friend code. For example, w123456789012@wii.com (no, that’s not mine). Nice.

When is a PC not a PC? 0

When is a PC not a PC?

When Microsoft Update thinks I’m using a Mac. Yes, last night I went to get some updates from Microsoft Update and I got the message… Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site. This website is designed to work with Microsoft Windows operating systems only. To find updates for Microsoft products that are designed for Macintosh operating systems, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/mac/. Nice. I was using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP MCE SP3. It knows which system...

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Installing a second Firefox build

Before, I talked about installing the beta of Internet Explorer 8 for website test purposes. Unfortunately, and I covered this also, it doesn’t sit with existing IE installations, unlike Firefox which you simply install into a seperate folder. Now, and this comes from experience, all may not go well when two Firefox installations try to share a profile – particularly if one of those Firefox installations may break add-ons. So, having installed IE8 I thought it was only right to...

IE8 Beta 1

Internet Explorer 8

The first Beta of IE8 has been released for developers. And, yes, I have a copy. First impressions? Well, apart from the first run after the install hanging, and it prompting me during the install for how I’d like it set-up and then not doing what I asked, it’s gone relatively smoothly 😉 I’ve not had a chance to look at the new features yet, only to try out my sites. And they break. Not badly, but they break. The...