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Die IE6, die

Microsoft doesn’t want Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to die and, indeed, they’ve announced that they will continue to support it until 2014. IE6 was launched in 2001 yet remains popular. Most of these users,...

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Microsoft Live Mesh

Live Mesh is a simple concept – you can convert any of your folders into Live Mesh folders that are then instantly synched onto your online account (where they can be accessed), known as your desktop, or any other computer that you’ve set up. In my case I have it on my home PC and Netbook.

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What is a Release Candidate?

The latest version of IE8 is “release candidate 1″. But what exactly is a “release candidate”? I’ve been working as a professional IT developer for nearly 20 years and have only recently become aware...

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Will Apple loose its crunch?

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has admitted that he’s unwell1 and so has stepped down from his job for 6 months whilst he gets better. Obviously, no one would want anything other than for...