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Improving Windows boot times 0

Improving Windows boot times

Lenovo has been “tweaking” its laptops and PCs in preparation for Windows 7, heavily improving startup and shutdown times. Some of the methods, however, can be easily transferred to any Windows system – in...

More Netbook goodies 0

More Netbook goodies

A varied assortment of Netbook news and utilities today. First of all, let’s kick off with the oft-mentioned absence of the CD/DVD drive in Netbook. You can, of course, buy an external drive at...

Easy Mode XP 0

Netbook Easy Mode

Many of the Linux powered Netbooks come with a simple “Easy Mode” front end – large, chunky icons, all categorised into tabbed menus for you to launch. However, their Windows XP equivalents usually boot...

Upgrading the Acer Aspire One memory 0

Upgrading the Acer Aspire One memory

I recently upgraded my Netbooks memory from 1GB to an astonishing1 1.5GB (which is the maximum). This is not only a fiddly job as the memory slot is on the underside of the motherboard...

3 USB dongle 0

3 PAYG Mobile Broadband

Back on the 24th I mentioned an excellent offer on 3 mobile broadband. Well, I ordered the broadband “dongle” on the 22nd and it turned up on the 30th. The packaging is small but...