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Worn as watch 0

Sony Ericsson LiveView

Released November last year, the LiveView is an iPod Shuffle size “gadget” from Sony Ericsson that reports information from your Android phone via Bluetooth. It’s not had a smooth ride either – early software was buggy, battery life was poor, people had problems with one of the provided clips and reviews were generally negative. It’s now 9 months later, the software has been updated and the price has dropped. Is it now worth a look? Can you use it? Although...

Using Google Analytics data to show popular posts 15

Using Google Analytics data to show popular posts

Google Analytics Dashboard is an excellent plugin for showing site analytics on your WordPress dashboard. However, it also has an open API built-in allowing anybody to access statistics from their own code. As a result I’ve created a new of small functions for my own site. To get these to work, ensure you have Google Analytics Dashboard installed, active and you’ve authenticated yourself using the OAuth method! The most useful is the one I use in the sidebar to display...

Professional Wordpress Plugin Development 0

Damn you, Professional WordPress Plugin Development

So, I’m finally beginning to get somewhere with version 2 of my YouTube Embed WordPress plugin. As a birthday treat to myself I bought Professional WordPress Plugin Development from Amazon. Now, completion of my plugin is even less likely to be soon as this rather excellent book has just left me with a raft of further changes to make. Everything from coding standards to widget development is covered. I’m only a quarter way through and already there are sticky note...

Jetpack 0

Do WordPress users need Jetpack?

Automattic, the people behind WordPress have announced JetPack. In essence, it’s a plugin for self-hosted WordPress owners that adds functionality that WordPress.com bloggers have had for a while. That sounds a good thing, right? Well, most of the plugins (bar one) are available separately from Automattic and, this way, you can at least only install the components you actually need (reducing bulk and load on your installation). Here’s a run down of what Jetpack adds and where else, if possible,...

Finding the length of WordPress Posts 0

Finding the length of WordPress Posts

I’m just finished converting my plugin pages to use my new WP README Parser plugin. However, I had a nagging feeling that I might have missed, at the very least, 1. But how can I easily tell without going through them all one-by-one? Well, their length is a give-away as instead of pages of text, there’s now a single call to my plugin. A quick bit of SQL will show the length of each post and/or page in characters, allowing...

WordPress README files and Markdown 0

WordPress README files and Markdown

For those who’ve not come across , it’s a way of using simple keyboard characters in a text file to indicate formatting. For example **this would be bold**. WordPress uses Markdown for the README files that accompanies each plugin – this same file is used to display the plugin details on the WordPress site. Therefore, as a plugin author, I am required to produce Markdown format files. At the moment, because I want to have my plugin details on my...

Spam Magnet Results 0

Spam Magnet Blog Posts

The website planetOzh has an excellent post about blog posts that attract spam. In it, he provides not only a piece of SQL that you can run to see how your site is affected, but even provided a PHP script that you can upload to your website to graph the results. Mine is to the right. I have my spam cleared out quite regularly, so the results are only recent ones. As you can see, one of my posts was...

Quidco – save money when shopping online! 1

Quidco – save money when shopping online!

There are quite a few sites around that offer money off vouchers and coupons for online retailers. Quidco, however, not only does that but, if you visit the retailer via them, you can earn money back as well. Indeed, it’s this last operation that Quidco was originally set up to provide – vouchers and coupons is only a recent addition. Simply sign up – it’s incredibly easy to do – and then search for an online retailer. Click on the...

Improving WordPress Search Further 0

Improving WordPress Search Further

I wrote an article some time ago highlighting ways to implement search improvements to WordPress (and the default search DOES suck). Now, I’d like to update you on where I am, including some further changes that I made last night. Current Set-up My current set-up is that I’m displaying 3 posts per page. However, in the case of search results, I’m displaying 12 per page, as I display only an excerpt and restricted social sharing and other output. The idea,...

The WordPress Loop 0

The WordPress Loop

I often get asked about “the loop” in WordPress, as many of my plugins require knowledge of it for successful integration. “The loop” is simply some WordPress code that handles the fetching of post or pages. Each WordPress theme has a number of files that handle different types of output – for instance, index.php is used for displaying a number of posts, page.php displays pages and single.php shows a single post. Each of these contains the code for the loop....


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