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For those sharp enough to have viewed the site over the last 20 minutes, or subscribe to my feed, you might have seen a number of test posts. You see, I posted earlier today...

Would anyone like to try…? 0

Would anyone like to try…?

Ok, it’s been a few months in development and finally my new Social Bookmark plugin is near completion. If anybody would like to help test it – and, hence, get an early release for...

Ok. This is weird. 1

Ok. This is weird.

I’m working on my Social Bookmarks plugin for WordPress and, for whatever reason, if I use a URL shortening service for the links, they won’t appear under Google Reader. The post appears in the...

Reading RSS with PHP 0

Reading RSS with PHP

After using the JavaScript only and generally pretty poor facility within Feedburner to embed RSS feeds onto a website, I set about an alternative solutions. Thankfully, there are a number available. However, many offer...