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Find out what new features are coming in PS4 system update 3.00

Today the beta release of the PlayStation 4’s version 3.0 firmware (codename: Kenshin) is released to those lucky enough to be on the beta programme. For everyone else, there is no current release date but details of what is currently included in the system update has been released.

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The Sony Ericsson phone, Christmas and O2

Back in November I purchased a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Android phone as my daughter’s Christmas present. O2 had a limited offer on it at the time where you got an additional £20 voucher with it, so I snapped it up. When I received it, I took the phone out of the box, put the SIM card in and generally checked that all seemed fine. There’s nothing worse than being given something expensive as a present only to find...

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Run Android Apps under Windows 7

At only an BlueStacks is a way to run Android Apps on Windows 7. Simply download their software and, once installed, an Android logo will appear on your desktop as a gadget. Click on this to show a number of pre-installed gadgets. More, but not a huge selection, are also available on the BlueStacks website. The best way of getting additional apps is to install their matching Marketplace App onto your phone or tablet – from that you can transfer...

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EaseUS Partition Master 9.0 Professional Edition

A couple of years ago I published a review of the home edition of EaseUS Partion Master. At the time I rated it as an excellent alternative to the more well-known brands.Now at version 9, I thought it was time to re-visit the software. First of all, I should state that my original negative points have now been resolved. The GUI is a lot more slick (no more dodgy fonts) and the help is comprehensive. As before, it is a...

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21 free Amazon Kindle software

My mum already has one and I know my wife won’t mind one either. The Amazon Kindle is a rather remarkable device – it’s superb for reading books at a really good price. I love the idea of eInk and I think those people who think iPads are just as good have obviously not used one for any measure of time. When it comes to reading an eBook nothing beats eInk, and the Kindle is the best eInk reader. Anyway,...

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Pogoplug Software

I’ve reviewed the Pogoplug hardware in the past, but now it’s time to review the actual desktop software. Why? Because with the recent version 3 release it can be used independently, offering a number of new features. The new Pogoplug software then allows you to share files across your computers – not just those attached to a physical Pogoplug device. So, for instance, install Pogoplug on a desktop PC and a laptop and you can access files from each device...

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Soluto calls itself “anti-frustration software”. A free program for Windows, and still in Beta, Soluto analyses your PC’s startup process and recommends solutions. It’s been out for a few months now and I’ve been trying it on a number of computers, running XP and Windows 7 64-bit. All work without an issue. You install it and it runs during each boot up, timing it and looking at the various startup processes. Simply go into the software for a breakdown of...

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iToolSoft DVD Ripper

iToolSoft produce a wide range of ripping and conversion software. And, at the moment, they are giving away their popular DVD Ripper software – it’s 100% clean of viruses, etc, and is restriction free. It’s a 15.5 MB download and 60.9 MB once installed. It’s quick to start and uses it’s own GUI, rather than the Windows “standard”. It’s not too different, so isn’t too bothersome (I hate it when software operates totally different to everything else – Apple software...

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Add FileHippo Updates to your WordPress Sidebar

Ok, you can add this wherever you want, but it looks particularly nice in your sidebar. FileHippo provide a handy way to return a list of their latest software updates in JavaScript format and I was able to get a nice result with just the following code… <li><h2>Latest Software Updates</h2> <script language=”JavaScript” src=”http://www.filehippo.com/en/rss2/?format=js&icons=0″ type=”text/javascript”></script> </li> Note the icons=0 parameter. This has turned off the option to display icons next to the software packages – simply change this to icons=1 to...